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You know you're gonna miss some i'm gonna tell you you're gonna miss some that all cle so much so much and and and and so home i'm just so glad batted two thousand thirteen that he board of directors not starter reach so the bryan honor and what a was a big time morning that was then ten this this this kid with outright layer be the mayor and that you did any list some twisted and home attendance as friends they bring in people no by the lowest well one well listen it is your family ok so what's going on they're a class yes there they they are we adopted will play from time he specialty worth video doing spinal final some work with him then he's doing well the perfect surgery um it was yeah i'm hadn't back today so i'll be all be it kasper tonight go but everybody's doing good thank you for that well you have such a big heart you're beautiful bryant in all those critical children and now you're adopting you know we we have we were in a star first year but option estar yeah yeah well and bryant brian see me i mean brian scott shaped me and and there's just no no doubt about that i love him and i love all of you and god bless all of you actually please travel safely and look forward to seeing him you go home yes sir thank you so much of it actually bright ladies and gentleman brian the head marvelous relationship with bob but i just got a message from muller ten stewart anderson.

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