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Okay so you you're worried about trump and milania but you'll have a problem that she's holding up two lesbians as ideal marriage okay pew research indicates a custom constantino isn't the only one questioning the value of certain kinds of marriage they can conducted a recent survey marriage rates and it tells the tale in nineteen sixty sixty eight percent of all twentysomethings remarried in two thousand eight just twenty six percent at tied the knot and that's trump's fall and those of us who still opt to get married or also more likely to get divorced some forty two million adults have been married more than than what are you what's your beef if they don't get married they won't get divorced there's your solution that's up from twenty two million in nineteen eighty they say forty two million adults have been married more than once and fourteen million nineteen sixty with all this in mind you seriously think kids look at the state of mir's today and say i gotta get married stat i don't know exactly what had happened but we old timers have convinced ourselves it's not us the adults in the room setting a bad example now wasn't me i know there are other factors involved in america's declining interest in marriage young people are loathe to marry because they carry college debt or they are career oriented what is college debt have that we love to share the college debt wouldn't you or they have just too darn they're just too darned independent you can certainly say it's a generational thing but you can't say our generation has nothing to do with it unless you think i'm piling on the trump's i'm not i'm filing on everyone including bill clinton do you know how many news stories i did on clinton's affair with monica lewinsky and the influence out of fear on the sexual morality of generation x i'm guessing none that's what i'm guessing come on you remember bill clinton under oath asserted he never had sexual relations with lewinsky but he lied about that and the clinton lewinsky effect was born that is the belief that oral sex isn't really sex seriously the university of kentucky conducted a study in two thousand seven she says regarding sexual definitions after.

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