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We're back here quotes weird unquote al yankovic oh no i'm sorry it's quote weird al unquote thank you because the nickname is not weird just call you all do i have to say al and quote notice there's no like assuming that the oh i've got to give you all the rules of style don't i the elements of it the elements of style very least yes welcome back we're here with al yankovic comedy bang bang the tv show should we reboot that please are we still doing that i mean yeah we're still doing we're gonna honestly but i mean should we should we got the cameras back and start doing it again i would love to all right let's do it all right when do you wanna start now i'm doing this show right right without later i'm listening back to the show candies those were my favorite oh my god you remember though man i'll do you remember any cartoons cartoons remember tv sort of i don't know it's all streaming yeah true al do you think i mean you do so many songs about food and how many tv shows right yeah how many did you say yeah have you ever thought about you did the food album you have you ever counted how many food songs you have i have not i'm going to be interesting for someone do you feel like seventy seven percent about food i i think that i feel like they are yeah even the ones like jurassic park or whatever like i mean leading people so in fact the people are food for the night so so as as with entrepreneurs every everything is food related yeah but what i forget what my original point was good was it good it was really good the tape back so anyway al you sing so many songs about food and tv do you think that when you come out with whatever new album or new singles or whatever you're going to have will will there be songs about streaming like who likes thanks so of my knee not talking about our kelly or anything like that they're talking about a which would you do a a song about the r kelly scandal like tale that was trapped in the drive through sure no but i mean the subtext was about standard you're sure you have to read between the lines do you do in this is a serious question do you think.

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