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Are like dude, stop stop calling us out. Movie onto the beloved cubs. Joe Madden said he plans a significant change for next year and his managing style with this shift to more on field coaching work and less time with the media shot or no shot. This was a mandate from THEO and jed. I'm gonna say shot shot. I think that they find the petting zoos in the magicians and all that. Small doses. They'll tolerate the whole thing that loosey goosey atmosphere. I'm not convinced. Like, I think that when he said, hey, two out of three ain't bad. That Theo's like no we're going to grind every game. We're not gonna win every game. We're going to grind every game. More of that. Joe was the that's where I would always get job. You guys got to stop. It's early relax. We we can't play that way hundred sixty two times. So that's probably a mandate from his bosses, you want a new contract, you're going to do it this way and got to go out and try, and I would say it's a shot because doesn't feel a little passive aggressive as well. Like, we know that Joe man has his own style. The style has worked for him. Yeah. He's being told to do something different. His coaches are being fired around him. Everything's changing yet. He's still there. So now, it's like all right. You guys don't want me to talk. You don't want me to do this. You don't want the magic. All right, fine. Have it your way? I will do what you say. We'll see what happens, and you know to his credit at some point he'll leave and chances are he'll find himself in a better situation personally than what he's dealing with right now. You know, who knows the next stop might be an organization that wants the petting zoo. And the magic in him talking all the time. So right by getting Tampa, a guy who interviewed for the job, and Joe left said one of the questions in his interview was how will you handle the locker room because it's way too loosey goosey around here. It's gotta get tightened up, which was a direct shot. Joe Madden leaving the raise. They wanted the opposite of him. So maybe Danny would you be stunned if we were on the air in June. The cubs are playing. Okay. And you go. Oh my God. They fired Joe Madden and pick the guy David Ross Joe Girardi, whoever it is is coming in because they want a much tighter ship. Would you be shocked? Yes. That would be shocked. If Joe Madden doesn't finish next year. I will be shocked and disappointed. Cops would be playing far under expectation. They have the last two years. That's right. Yes. They have. I don't disagree with you. But a lot of last year, and I'll go back to it time and time again, I blame last year's level of success. Not on Joe, man. But I'm feeling jed the players that they provided him just weren't up to snuff agree. That's all THEO and jet. Joe Madden has nothing to do with the injuries has nothing to do with them spending. All that money on you Darvish and Tyler chat would has nothing to do with the fact that they brought in a closure that couldn't pitch so many innings because his show. Their rule. That's fine. You're giving him a player that fragile to begin with that. All. Go when they're five and a half back at the all-star break. That's that's the hangover. That's I mean, they won the World Series. Have a hangover. They win the World Series this year they won it last year. But did they win it this year? The AFC. They went to row. Until someone wins to an enrollment of believe in the World Series. Hang okay. So let me ask you this. If they're five and a half back at the all-star break, you think Joe Madden finishes the year? No shots, Danny? They're gonna use him as the excuse. What will happen is the players won't get the blame. They will be under performing for the third year in a row like we've seen as captures pointed out the last two seasons after the hanger. They've had a hangover to the hangover season. We're gonna get third hangover and they're gonna say Joe man's not getting it done anymore. They're going to kick them to the curb and this team will continue. You're not saying they will be may run wire-to-wire. I don't know. But you're telling me that if they're five and a half back at the all-star break, you would be shocked if you said cap, I have breaking news, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Israel's sound effect. The cubs have just hired. What was that again? Whatever sound effect. You played you could you do it. You'd be shocked if.

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