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The only other information we have from this ad is obtained from the sidebar. The sidebar is a good place to get extra information that was not placed in the description shen of the ad so in this particular case the seller gives us a little bit more so all the extra information is as follows condition seller puts good cylinders eight. So it's a VA drive. It's rear wheel drive. So here's an interesting tidbit of information for Dodge trucks if you see a a D. in front of the number like in this case it's a D.. One hundred that designates this truck as a two wheel drive if you see a w in front of the number then that means four wheel drive. Moving fuel is gas diesels. Were really rare on these trucks. So most likely you're only going to see gas paint color. He puts gray a now if you look at the pictures. This thing is all sorts of different colors it's grays and blues in rusts and Browns and so it takes the pain for what it is is just a description title status. He puts clean. So it's gotTA clean title. That's good transmission automatic so we have a V.. Eight automatic de one hundred short Abed which is a pretty desirable truck in the ten girl. Dodge community ten grew. What's a ten grow? Chris you've probably heard me toss that term around once or twice. A Tin Grilled Dodge truck is the nickname for these trucks which was coined by Paul up in Canada from the Tin Grill. Dodge trucks group on facebook. It's a huge groups. Got Like fifteen thousand people in it. And they're all fans of the nineteen seventy two to nineteen eighty trucks which we affectionately call ten grills so if you hear me refer to attend Grill Dodge truck. That's what I'm talking about. Seventy to eighty now. If you're into these trucks go checkoutigt grill dodge trucks on facebook a great group lots of Tin Griller. That's what we call him ten guerrillas. There's a lot of ten guerrillas there and lots of opinions too so be careful with that you got guys there that only like their trucks lifted lifted only like their truck stock only their trucks lowered or any combination of the above. I like them all. I don't discriminate when it comes to ten girls I I think they're all cool but other people don't feel the same way anyways. Paul does a really good job of keeping that group in line. So you won't see anything but seventy to eighty eighty dodge trucks and plymouth trail dusters on there. And if you do. It won't be there for long because Paul will put the axe on that. That's a shoutout to Paul. How you doing Paul Hope? You're listening this episode. Check out ten girl dodge trucks on Youtube channel just started so if you're just getting into these trucks great resource for information is ten girl. Dodge trucks doc. So subscribe to their youtube. Joined the group and you know. Get your information together so back to this truck. This truck is a great starting starting point for somebody who maybe doesn't have a huge budget start with five hundred and fifty dollar truck and its or best offer or you might be able to get this thing for a few hundred bucks. Okay so not only. Do you have a decent truck to start with a decent platform to build. It's only five hundred bucks. You know what I mean so if you just build an engine for it and you decide later on down the road because of the truck actually has more Russ than you originally thought. Maybe you can find another truck. Tuck and use this one as a donor or so you can take to trucks and make one really nice one or you could part out the truck saved the motor and go get yourself a different project. Maybe you're an e body guy or a body guy or a B body guy or anybody guy and you want a different vehicle. The great thing about this truck is is. It is a desirable truck so if you decide down the line I'm just going to sell this truck you know. Maybe you fix it up a little bit you know put some money into it and maybe you can double your initial initial investment. You know five hundred bucks maybe a thousand on it you know. Sell it for fifteen hundred but you have the engine that you can take put an different project. Now that's not the direction I would go. I personally. This is what I would do. I would buy the truck get it running and driving. The paint isn't a cool Patina. It's you know it's pretty nasty so I would probably get get get the body work done you know I. It doesn't have to be professional if you get it driver. Quality have a fun little truck for five hundred fifty bucks to start. That's a great starting point. It looks like an old workhorse. So it is a seventy eight one hundred it does look pretty solid from the pictures a lot of these trucks you can look at the cab corners and the rocker the bottom portions of the truck like on the fenders and on the bed and you can usually see rock right away another place that I've seen these trucks like to rot is right on that top roof line at the top of the windshield. I've seen him rot out there a lot. But this thing looks really solid for five hundred bucks it really GonNa Complain about what shape. It's in shut up. Go by the truck put an engine in it and go have some fun. You know what I mean. That's a great by so this truck is posted on facebook right now on the mot part hundred page so if you like project cars and you WANNA see more cars and trucks like this follow me on facebook at the Mo- part owner if you're looking for a cheap entry into the world of Mo- par as far as projects go. I think this truck is an excellent candidate and it's the cheapest project car of the week we've had ever so that's got to say something I really WanNa to call. This guy gets more information about this. Chuck this is a steel. I'm just looking at it and I'm thinking to myself five hundred dollars. It's five hundred dollars worth of parts on. This truck is a great deal. Someone needs to buy this truck today. Five hundred and fifty dollars or best offer in this week's listener story fits this episode really well. Since we're clearly. Having a tin grow theme this week The project truck was legitimately unintentional. It just happened to be on the best project vehicle That I've found for the right price but I did intend to tell so this story as well as the story of my d one hundred so this week's listener story was submitted by a gentleman named Kyle and he's a college student and he he just so happens to have a ten grill of his own. So let's get into Kyle Story. Hello Mr mopeds hunter my name is Kyle. And I'm a junior in college. This year in Wisconsin. Many of my relatives have new and classic Mo- Parts and I always wanted a project of my own last year I purchased a nineteen seventy three D.. One hundred hurt step aside from an older gentleman who bought it only a few years old. It had been sitting in his ship for thirteen years when he decided to have his son posted on craigslist. When when I reached out to him in the dead of winter last year he said we can wait for spring and the trump would not be going anywhere? But I couldn't wait. We jumped in my friend's truck with a trailer until made the two our trek to purchase this truck upon arrival it was a little rougher than the seller had led me to believe. The trump was repainted in the mid nineteen ninety s and it wasn't holding up up very well but looking through the chip and flaking paint. I could see the potential. Although the engine was not running it did turn over with jumper cables. I heard the distinct sound of a classic classic moped starter and I knew I'd be taking it home. After a little negotiating I handed the seller one thousand dollars and we pushed it onto the trailer with a few months time in a little bit but of money I have the truck running for summer my friends and I cruise it around all summer and fall and I even drove it across the state to buddies cabin. I put a four barrel intake and carb mild cam and some long tube headers on it to help wake up the three eighteen this winter. I've started the bodywork. I plan to learn as I go with the help of my dad's experience along the way I plan to reshoot the truck. It's factory yellow color and continued driving it for many years. I've been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now. After stumbling across the first episode I love the Listener Project Section and I'm able to live vicariously through them while I'm at school. Keep up the awesome show. Thank you kyle. I've attached a picture of my truck can't wait for the episode when you talk about about your d one hundred. Thanks for sharing your story and I've got great news. Not only am I sharing the story of my d one hundred on this episode but the project car of the week is a D. One hundred and we're I sharing your story buddy. It's always fun here story about somebody who gets pumped about a project and that sounds exactly like what happened to you. I really liked your persistence. When the seller told you that you could wait until spring and you're like nope going to get it now that's awesome that's dedication and I really liked that? I love hearing stories about people going going to pick up their project MOPE ours. I think it's great. I love here in the story of finding the car or truck going and getting it free at home and then you know your plans for it. Those are always fun stories. Kyle I wish you the best of luck with your d one hundred. Keep me posted. I'm looking at the picture right now. It looks like a really nice truck. It wasn't until two thousand fifteen when I realized how much of a following these trucks had. I've been obsessed ever since I think these trucks are awesome. And I'm really happy that people are starting to catch on and I mean much to the detriment of the enthusiasts of these trucks. Because now they're getting a little bit higher in price but you know they're still out there you can still find him. A lot of people still don't understand what kind of potential these trucks have. And that's fine. If they don't know that we can still get them for pretty cheap so good lot kyle with your project. I can't wait to see what happens with it. Keep me posted. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you end up doing it. Thanks for sending in your story..

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