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I've got a new coach in I've got an another quarterback competition, so I've been part of five different playbook Kinda had to had to learn on my feet quick in those five years, so been around a lot of ball and. Had A lot of different coaches I think that's one of the things that will plan in advantages I going here, but Kinda know the fact that everyone comes in on Ground Zero. Could be a new offense I think it just it helps me and I'll try to get back up to speed as quick as I can. You know you did mention that you came from You know you didn't come from a powerhouse program necessarily but. People would be wrong to say that. You've never played big time football. You actually did start your career. Pittsburgh played some power five ball there. How much do you think your entire college experience? Not just what happened to James Madison, but your entire college experience starting at Pittsburgh and then going to James Madison and help prepare you and get you ready. Yeah, I tell people all the time. If I had to do it over, I'd do it the exact same way. Jamie was actually the second school that offered me out of high school and I considered go in there straight out of high school, but one thing led to another. Came in and offer before signing into is one of those things. Was Twenty minutes from my house with our football in. Just the idea that my parents in community come see me whenever I I couldn't pass that up, but. You'll get into to start six games. My redshirt sophomore year and I think played in ten out of twelve so. That that was invaluable. Experience for me is really the first time that I'd stepped on a college football, field and Just being able to carry that confidence in my junior and senior years jam. Thanks really helped me a lot. My develop supplier. All right. This is just one of the questions I'm curious about when Tony came down here. He was really kind of ahead of entourage. He lived in a in a in a crib with a bunch of his friends from college. You are used to being close to home. We saw the spread that you had a for your watch forty. Are You bring in a bunch? Bunch of buddies down here so you feel a little bit more subtle than adjusted I'm not going to bring any buddies that one of the things that's actually comforting as One of my players at Defensive End Rondo card from Jayme, you signed as an undrafted free agents douses while also having him down there with make the transition a little bit more little easy. In my girlfriend's actually from Austin, which is only a few hours from Dallas, so been down there a few times in the summer, and then our championship game was in. Frisco actually stayed at the Omni in. The Star and do all that good stuff so kind of crazy. How this thing on it comes full circle in a few months, and it's literally a I went to ut I. gotTA. Tell You ben Austin is a great place to go get away. Have Fun on the lakes. We have lakes around here, too, but it is nice to be able to be closed at least to go get a family meal lots of. Lots of hippies and Austin though just be ready I'm just looking forward to having some Sun. It's like. Five degrees and rainy every day up here in Pittsburgh, so it's getting every once in a while. This great right now. Blue Skies, eighty degrees I mean it's GonNa. Get Hot, but you know. It's. It's great right now. Well new. He is the cowboys new quarterback guy that they thought highly enough that they weren't gonNA chance you know potentially risking having to get into a bidding war in free agency. They took him seventh round peg. You can follow him on twitter at be underscored to NUCCI six. Ben Thanks so much for joining us. Treasury is looking forward to getting a as I get down there. Hey I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start. A men's grooming.

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