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The one. That's that's giving us. It's i already mardi underwritten approved. I'm closing fifteen days. I'm marie sitting in processing. Just waiting on contracts you. Boom you know the the age on the other side who's presenting all the offers the go okay this is cashing it and see this or this one's you know be. This is the lender not impressed but this one has a a letter. From the lender a qualification owner from the underwriter can close in fifteen days. And i want dennis get out of here in their approved. They've already been verified and all that. Let's go so keep that in mind especially among on purchases that you you definitely want to have that power whenever you're going into making offers in multiple offer situations where the other agent saying send your highest and best offer by this by this time highest best. There's two parts of the highest is amount of money. That doesn't mean that's one's gonna win. It's a best and that means fast. The sellers gotta go decelerate already. Made an offer on another property and it's contingent on the sale of this house. If they need to get this gone now you know so keep online no most definitely in like always guys gonna have brandies info in bio on our website. No project live. Podcast dot com. So you can link up with her. Facebook i g on. She's making talks yet. Maybe who knows. Like i always say. Just be curious as to questions. This is another resource for you guys brandy for the time. Thank you for the knowledge. And i continue to hope that twenty twenty one is the best for you. You're and We'll have to bring you back. Maybe in twenty two week rehash the issue and talk about refinancing in a few things. Yeah siri are for sure. Thanks for having me from. Thanks many things..

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