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Are you sit. Yeah how did you get from dawn swayze to this. Well don swayze. There is nobody in this movie. Hauer my supposed to get out of this move. That's that's what i thought too. And listen don swayze. Just imagine how i went back from james lou grow. Imagine if i had a brain magid you did it correctly. So patrick swayze and don size. That was my killing blow right. There was like he'll never see this. I'm gonna. I'm really gonna impress him. I got both of the brothers in the same. It could've even been a tv movie. i don't know anyway. So don swayze was in a movie called beach babes from beyond yes. It was in the same like four or five years where all of those movies had those titles and they basically were like beach movies. But with like supernatural elements in them and lennon wigley usually popped up kinda like they're the wraith in there with the uh abbott more stupid than that. Okay like You know the one with Religion you should be i. I'm done i'm done. Oh downtown julie brown. No not downtown julie brown regular julie brown regular julie brown anyway. Okay so this is going to get dark guys if you're having suicidal thoughts about listen to the next paragraph where i'm not so. Clean your guns while you leave me. Don swayze was in beach babes from beyond with burt ward guy. That played rob hall hill batman series risks. Anyway burt ward was in a movie called virgin high. Feel free to look that up if you don't know until that's a good thing. It's not robin in virgin high. That's man it's always uncomfortable. When those old geyser. Mike leaner I see it right there so you got through michelle bauer. yes michelle bauer screen quake. Yes i'm already looking at michelle by our yes. She was in a movie and ninety four called demented. Which i did not bother to look. There's puppetmaster three to lonzo revenge. Yeah charles band was in there somewhere. But i didn't do. I didn't that wasn't what i was trying to fuck up on. It was the other thing and jim van boever was in demented at..

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