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You got 50 guys. Marvin Jones person you got guys that have been in situations like this before, So it's all about executing At this point of the lines, so the Falcon set to kick it off. Jamal Agnew will go back deep for Detroit. Jamal can make something happen. You won't have a chance on that when I was going through the back of the end zone, so the Lions will take over 25 yard line 75 yards away from the end zone. They need 64 seconds remain in the game. They have no time outs. Way needs to Matthew Magic right here. Yes, we do. And you can provide it. I don't know how many for the combat snap to have in this career, but he has a lot of Here we go. Lions from their own 25 staff working out of the gun. Falcon shows six across the park. They bring four staff grows outside. It is holiday known for, they say, Write about what you say out of bounds at the 35 yard line. Holiday tried to drag his feet could not get him down. Yep, he stepped down stops the clock. 57 seconds to go. 2nd 10 coming up. Beat it, chump place somewhere. Out of the huddle into the line. 57 seconds remaining lions from their own 25. Stafford out of the gun. Get Atlanta stack in that line six across the front. They bring four staff stepping up Stafford looking staff staff with roses on running out of bounds is stayed inbounds. Got to get to the line. Haakenson didn't get out down the 40 seconds remaining lions have to clock that football. Lions get it lined up wasting a lot of time here about 34 seconds. That was Haakenson got to get out of bounds. He didn't lines about 20 seconds. He's a young guy, but he has realizes this football 101. He has to take it. Get what you can and get out of bounds right here. You should be trying to go out of bounds to the fight with the defendant. Great job by the Falcons to keep it in. You got to know that you got to be game aware. 34 seconds to go lions now from the 38 their own 38. 62 yards from the end zone. Many Stafford takes the snap back. Stafford rolled in left. Stafford throws over the middle part nine territory down at the 40 yard line. Danny Amendola got a clock it 24 seconds to go clock moving. Down 20 Stafford gets him lined up, They clock it with niceties. 19 seconds to go. That should have been all sides, But then they got two safeties allowed a new lease 30 yards if you watch him B A. And they're dropping so they from 30 to 40 yards. They're going to make sure nothing goes over the top of 19. Seconds to go in the game. The lions from the Falcon 40 down by six. Stafford's Got it back Sex. Look, Stafford grows deep down the field. It is car inside the 10 yard. I know they're going to say incomplete guest punch. You gotta get down there. Spike the ball guys, eight seconds, seven seconds. 65 clients gotta get set up three seconds. There's a flag down. What's the call? Three seconds remaining in the game. They're saying it was a catch for the Lions out of the eight yard line. But unless all guys a set when you spike the ball, all your guys have to be set when you spike the ball, and I don't know of all our guys were sitting there weren't the game will be over. You have to be sick. We'll get the call from our referee Land, Clark. Previous play, really not field completed passes into review. Now I'm not sure what the flag was all about. They're going to review the previous play now if it was incomplete. And let's take a look at candy gal today who I believe made that catch down at the eight yard line. But the question is, what will they do with the clock? There's only three seconds left. There's no reason that the clock should have been stopped, so that would result in a 12th running off, right? It was a late flag. The flag came from the side of the lake Jabu all over again. A 12th runoff against.

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