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Party apps delete phone and text logs after one year and monday facebook will add a new option at the top of each user's news feed allowing you to review which apps have access to your personal information the family of the woman who opened fire at youtube headquarters and california's now apologizing sima dom turned the gun on herself during the attack doctors say it appears all of the victims will survive now only one remains in hospital his condition is improving to other victims both women one who was initially in critical condition have been released from soccer berg san francisco general hospital they've now gone home the only death it appears we'll be that the shooter who killed herself alex stone abc news san bruno california faulty water heater is now blamed for leaking toxic gas that killed in iowa family while on vacation and to mexico and the jury is now been seated in the sexual assault retrial of bill cosby and suburban philadelphia the trial set to start on monday you're listening to abc news your top local stories from the komo twenty four seven news center new developments in redmond murder police arrested a woman suspected of killing her white inside their apartment detectives now say it appears the victim had been dead for days before a roommate founder body in the couple's bedroom at a complex redmond way tuesday night there were definite signs of violence to victims spotty police arrested the suspect yesterday she was getting off a bus in redmond a source tells us the victim was stabbed to death federal way police have shot and killed a suspect in a hit and run they tell us the man hold up in a home that wasn't his and held officers at bay for several hours they say he fired shots at officers last night and when they returned fire the man was shot dead in an ellensburg school district coach has been arrested on alleged sexual misconduct with a high school student the owns berg police department says an investigation determined that a twenty six year old male coach had been in.

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