John Bolton, Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


To former national security adviser John Bolton says he's willing to testify and president trump's impeachment trial if the Senate subpoena Sam Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer reiterated his call for trial witnesses such as Bolton I'm waiting to hear it leader McConnell give a specific answer why these witnesses should not come forward don't call me names don't finger pointing Bolton has first hand knowledge of the events of the center of trump's impeachment namely efforts to pressure you crane is to announce investigations that would benefit the president politically number three a team of lawyers filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington DC seeking to establish the nation's capital as a venue for men across the U. S. to sue the Boy Scouts of America for allegedly failing to protect them from long ago sexual abuse at the hands of scout masters and other leaders the eight plaintiffs in the potentially ground breaking lawsuit live in states where statute of limitations laws would prevent them from suing the organization based on claims of sex abuse that occurred decades ago and drivers can already ask Amazon's Alexa to turn off the lights at home buy movie tickets and dish out restaurant recommendations soon drivers will be using a lecture to pay for a tank of gas from the comfort of their vehicle Exxon Mobil and Amazon announced yesterday at the CVS Consumer Electronics Show a partnership that will allow voice activated fuel purchases and vehicles using Alexa the platform is slated to launch in April at more than eleven thousand five hundred Exxon and Mobil gas station about that then then the rest of the country perhaps can enjoy what we enjoy here in New Jersey and it's not getting out of your cars my own guess in Pennsylvania last week I.

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