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To baku twenty nine thousand nine so has gone straight on into the fiery. Yup stupid physically. He looks absolutely fine. The bad news is that he is just glowed. What was shaping up to be a very fine chance of at least a front row here. The self today by quintin nineteen was was a difficult. one say why we don't dwell on the negative. it's just. It's quite an interesting comparison rhino different stages of your career backwards to nineteen was. Okay disappointment because i knew that The poll was possible that they and i put all the efforts in the bin but on the other hand i still had the sunday comeback in monaco. The difficult part for us was that we couldn't start The race on sunday. This was very difficult. And obviously it's at home too so so that he's appointment just gets bigger so tell us about this car water strengths wise it performance a little bit up and down the strength. I think is our balance in general. I think we're doing a very good job by setting up the kinda right way to just have a good balance and this helps us in many occasions. I think that's also one of the reason why we also quick in qualifying but on the other hen. We are struggling for now to get on top of where the cow needs to be exactly to be performing at. Its best other race. And we've seen that in puerto rico. It has been a big disappointment. A big surprise obviously to be struggling so much in in in race but also we've shown that we can turn things around and then Last week in here in australia we had a very good race pace but a bit less in qualifying. So it's a fine line that we need to balance out that we haven't find the right balance yet but we are working on it and we are working well so I hope that we can find the right balance. Sounds really frustrating. It is it is frustrating. Because one race. It's one way the other races the other. But you never get the best of both worlds but it's Yeah it's part of life. I guess and we'll try to to find the right balance shall would you sacrifice the remainder of twenty twenty one. It guaranteed you being competitive in twenty two with changing regulations. Yes yes of course. I mean if he guaranteed me from the contract just in front of me telling me that if we sacrifice twenty twenty one for a competitive twenty twenty two. I'll be happy to take it but nobody has these these gravity unfortunately. So where are you pushing the team bo. More focused on twenty twenty two. And i think this is clear for for everyone i mean. Twenty twenty two will be a huge opportunity for everyone. These new cars are going to stay for many as after. That's and the we've still. We are still fighting with mclaren for the third place in the constrictors but at the end we know that's our goal is to fight for the first position very very soon and these will be from twenty twenty two onwards and this year. So i'll be happy to give up about the third place in the constructors in twenty twenty one to be fighting for the first place in twenty twenty two so british grand prix. Next yes silverstone. The home of british motorsport. That's what we call it. I love it an apology. Love about silvestre. That i've been competitive in the past. I think I like trucks. Where where i'm competitive silverstone is one of my strong trucks. But i just like the reader. My like high speed and silverstone with those cows is is just incredible. And we're gonna have a lot of fans always ferrari fans wherever you go exactly as always but he hates. It's nice to finally see that life is getting a little bit more towards a normal life like before covered. I miss it especially once. You are driving. Ferrari think you can fill it even more because very has so much support all around the world wherever we go and with govett not having the public. We didn't have as much support. Obviously we had all the people on social media that. I'm always trying to be on top off but the truck we had nobody so it's a bit. It's a bit sad. And i'm i'm really looking forward to to have backed up the kindergarten. You know you say you love high-speed how challenging is the high-speed at silverstone. Do you have to take a deep breath or these caused just so good. Anyone can go flat through cops for example. Oh well wish will try you. Try and do flat out. Is it corner. Numbers you at silverstone. When i say cops do you know each corner. I mean nine nine. that's right. I'm very body with corner number so it's like medicine say that's right but i think he's very difficult for us. To put it into words. I will love. I mean this is another dream of having my life is to try one day. I'll probably have to speak with ferrari but to do a very similar in terms of performance to a formula one and to bring people around just for them to experience what it's like to be driving so much downforce we so much. Power is just incredible. The speed are crazy jeez crazy. I don't think we are breathing in those high speeds is just crazy. Very good luck in the race. Do you go back to maranello. Between australia and silverstone or is it you going get some time out in monaco. What's the plan. Just give us an idea of your shenzhou. No i do i do go to a i will go tomorrow. It'll to Have some preparations because eat will also be the first time this year. We have a sprint race on the saturday. So we'll have to do some meetings to try and and into the exact format how we can maximize that format. You're looking forward to definitely. Yeah i mean. I think it's a good opportunity to at least try something different and i think we just need to be realistic and off once it's been done whether it added something to the weekend always was just not as great as expected which can also be the case but Yeah so. I will be in manila for that and Also a little bit of simulator to the correlation with the tracy's we've had show the correlation. I'll i don't know if everyone knows what it is. But he's basically we are getting into the simulator with the data that we have of the real key. And trying to correlate that in the best way we can just for the simulator to be as close as possible to reality and then we'll be working on the simulator for stone. Where'd you stay when you're a mariner. Is it the planet hotel. Isn't that wherever on stays on. No i actually have an apartment that i'm renting that whenever i mean milo i'm saying there is a new thing. No no no. He's been from twenty twenty beginning of twenty twenty beginning of last opposite the factory. Or not really. I'm like Twenty five minutes away in the maintains a little bit. It's nice lovely. Yeah i wrote a piano. They're completely piano. No no chance. I'm the playing alone. It's i'm not that lonely so charlotte as the old are hanging on you lock charlotte out your flat. Don't so what you do. Oh my god oh my god. Don't remind her that she reminds you. That was a great story. Shall it's been wonderful to have you on the podcast again and thank you for your time. Good luck with everything and.

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