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The shipping industry continues to experience material effects from the not pecchia infestation that spread outward from ukraine beginning this past june not all those effects however have been bad ones at least one shipper german package delivery outfit dhl was not hit by the mao wear epidemic and has seen an increase in its business as frustrated customers shift their trade from infected shippers to dhl the maritime shipping industry is concerned about the vulnerabilities of gps and is looking to reestablish manual navigation as a backup should gps suddenly turn unreliable gps represents an attractive target for cyber attacked by criminals activists our nation states and even as efforts to harden it proceed the logistics sector seems to be preparing for the worst in the form of regaining various old fashioned kinds of navigational expertise gugel issued its august android update yesterday the fixes patched ten critical remote code execution bugs in the us nist has released its new cybersecurity workforce framework special publication eight hundred dash one eight one was circulated yesterday the goal of the framework developed by nist led national initiative for cybersecurity education or nice is to promote cyber workforce development the nice framework establishes a common consistent lexicon to describe cybersecurity work by category specialty area and work role it also provides a list of knowledge skills abilities and tasks for each such work role it's hoped that the framework will help foster the emergence of clear training education and career paths her cybersecurity.

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