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Stephanie Davis WWJ newsradio nine fifty a bill to extend compensation for nine eleven first responders in their families was stalled yesterday by one vote Kentucky Republican US senator rand Paul blocked the measure saying the fund should be offset by spending cuts elsewhere twenty two trillion dollar dad ratting dented about a trillion dollars a year and therefore any new spending that we are approaching any new program is going to have the longevity of seventy eighty years should be offset by cutting spending that's less valuable comedian and fun dad because Jon Stewart slammed Paul's objection calling it absolutely outrageous and accusing the senator of fiscal responsibility virtues signal W. W. J. D. as time is five thirty five the house of representatives overwhelmingly rejected alone Democrats effort be behind the impeachment proceedings against president trump despite being controlled by Democrats the house voted three hundred thirty two ten ninety five to table the proceedings introduced by Texas Democrat Al Green CBS news a chief congressional correspondent into quarters says the democratic leaders are breathing a sigh of relief now that that boat is over house Republicans even help them out by taking the lead in a vote to table that resolution here on Capitol Hill so democratic leaders didn't have to take the step of looking like they were trying to shut down their own progressive members because there is certainly some energy around the idea of impeachment proceedings or at the very least an impeachment inquiry house speaker Nancy Pelosi did not support moving forward with impeachment and one hundred thirty seven members of the democratic caucus followed her lead tragedy in Japan in Kyoto at least a dozen people are presumed dead and thirty five others injured some critically after an apparent arson attack and an animation studio police say the suspects spread an unidentified liquid possibly gasoline that started a fire at Kyoto animation the suspect was injured and has since been hospitalized fire officials say more than seventy people were in the building at the time reporter Lucy craft is following from Tokyo I'm Lucy craft in Tokyo police said an unidentified forty one year old man confessed to spring a liquid believed to be gasoline on the ground floor of Kyoto animation studio the company was located in a three story building in the city's densely populated Fushimi ward founded in nineteen eighty one the Kyoto animation has produced some of Japan's most popular animated films and TV shows known as anime since protests began on Monday thousands of Hawaiian demonstrators have joined a push to stop the planned construction of a giant telescope at Mona K. at the state the estates tallest mountain is considered sacred by natives and an ideal spot for astronomy by those behind the billion dollar thirty meter telescope also known as T. and T. Y. E. governor a David II gay signed an emergency proclamation yesterday giving law enforcement more options to end the blockade here's a local journalist McHale ani Richards and at Mauna Kea this land is just so beloved to me all the trustee holder Lindsay was among those being arrested I've slept on this mountain I love to smile now I rode horses around this area with my when officers use a public address system to speak to the crowd in English and Hawaiian when they spoke in Hawaiian languages seem to anger the crowd and they responded.

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