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That was not a trade. Like, oh, I hope if we do this. It'll be easier. Keep Tobias Harris they did the trade because look the trick. Because I like to buy Harris enough thinking, we're going to keep one of those two guys with the the number one reason they did that trade they're trying to win the title this year my nose they said, but no. But I'm saying they looked at it. And I think they looked at it pretty smartly that you never know when you have young superstars, and it might blow up at any time. And you think your window is ten years. And it turns out it's too. We gotta go for it. And we went for it, this that was a trade they made to win the title this year that was not a future trade. I mean, if they keep him great. But I think they really want to win this year. How do we make this about in his canter because they gave up all that shit for Tobias Harris MIR teach goes for a second rounder in his canter goes for free now Tobias Harris as much better than those guys. But my point is you can find people who complain a playoff series. I don't necessarily have to trade. To every asset. I have. And if I am I better get somebody who is a slam dunk. And I don't think Tobias Harris land up if you look at the history of those kinds of deals when a guy is under contract, and you can tell where it's gonna resign things change all the time. When it happened. We both were like, wow, it's actually kind of a lot in comparison to other things craze Spiring free agent. So we're in agreement there. The cantor thing though, maybe the positive is is not just a rebounding in the scoring and knowing that there's going to be stretches where he gets eaten up and as much as like one game one, we can think. Oh, wow. This is how the series is going to look it's not it doesn't like I went back and looked at some of the stuff this the Pacers beat the Cavs last year in game one by teen is ridiculous. The Celtics that year with Isaiah Thomas. They lost to the bulls. They may have lost. The bulls of Rondo doesn't get hurt their the Houston San Antonio series with a year round. Or you're in Rondo doesn't get hurt truth or from two thousand seventeen you think the sell you don't think the Celtics are in some trouble there? I choose not to think about team wasn't that good, man. And then you know, it they weren't that good. But you know, Houston smoke San Antonio remember that series a couple of years ago and that was game. One think they won by twenty something I had it all written down. Here is off the top of my head. And then guess what happened? We're like, man. San Antonio to slow too old, Houston so much more athletic look, at the way, they're cutting. And then guess what San Antonio and six in hard and had an awful awful elimination game to go with some of his other stuff in his bad playoff resume. So all the stuff we've seen drive-by. Yeah. Tartan? So he's turn off the headlights dot James. I try not to freak out too much is bad. As it looked for the thunder the side the thing that I haven't gotten too young Kanner, and I'll make it quick on. This is I wonder sometimes if a team it looks so much what okay see does the high pick and roll with Adams diving and then somebody coming off of that. But if you are saying, hey, let's kill canter this whole game every minute..

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