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As have breaking news we will rebuild it will take time but we will get there in the support of the community's been absolutely amazing at its peak sixteen fires rage out of control simultaneously across New South Wales a near record number Tom rivers ABC news of the foreign desk California regulators want to shed light on the blackouts that affected hundreds of thousands last month at the height of the wildfires the California public utilities commission will decide whether to open an official investigation into the public safety power shut offs that plunged nearly two and a half million Californians into the dark PGD has insisted the outages help to prevent additional wild fires but they have hurt businesses and angered some residents governor Gavin Newsom has blamed what happened on climate change and corporate greed it's about focusing on shareholders in dividends over you and members of the public Newsome has threatened to turn the utility into a customer owned cooperative run by the state unless significant changes are made Matt Bigler for CBS news San Francisco and this just in from the Los Angeles Associated Press southern California utility has agreed to pay three hundred and sixty million to reimburse taxpayers for the deadly two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen wild fires and mud slide hurricanes now three cal swept out to sea by Doria are found a life free cast away colors have been filed on north Carolina's Outer Banks it's believed they washed up on Cape lookout national seashore after swimming an estimated five miles to escape hurricane Dorian storm search that Kahles belong to her that rolls freely on cedar island of many tsunami wash them in other animals away including twenty eight wild horses that died CBS the gym Chrissy le covering that Venice is under water I mean really under water the Italian city is reeling from its second highest tide ever recorded this New York City tourist telling CBS news Venus family did not expect to see.

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