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The studio doing the show was and lauren awali which one i was a good five tickets wallet when wally comes out of the studio incomes and confronts you what is this game plan what's his battleplan i know he's doing he tried the did this like wacky like oh he's coming at us a you the crazy move saying when a radio show is on on the air it's going to really get upset angry but he was clearly rattled for most of us on how i could act we could see the name of that show the station fifty times to shown no with a severe we pretend that they're not what's a call we could say they're giving away like one hundred dollars right what is what it's all lady gaga ousted and we can't we have sound to those guys are after this ripe i hang out guys hager house we'll get you as well i six one seven seven seven nine seven 937 up so why and what formerly doings we are going to give you the best moments of yesterday's how long zones how long yet the best moment of yesterday's moments yes tell us moments vis that his moment levy it from who a cold air in the next segment okay how long is that going to be not inhabit nine half minutes she guys good with that i'm good with that try the mike's offering the comment and um what are we gonna do jerry's already in there as you're traveling so let us less leaded speak for its reflected brielle gives reaction to that game reaction we'll get hit the headlines and we will give you the latest pervert yes watch perverts perverts we got a couple of new good one this yes we do maddow truce with eight o'clock plenty get to place more felber sound as well the russe as well yes i like they doing sorta like these older managers every day they're having a new guy a guy from the airbus lee ilia today i believe you they yacht jim for ghosi on my desk because we have ralph how could nine thirty eight in one of.

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