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This is an academy with your news. Following a rising attacks on civilians allegedly committed by the Allied Democratic Forces or ATF armed I group into eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo or DRC coupled with attacks against Ebola workers and independent assessment of the UN peacekeeping response by the MONUC mission was established last December the independent assessment found that in the months of November and December alone. More than two hundred sixty civilians. Mainly women and children were killed by presumed ADF combatants in brutal attacks mostly at night it also conclude that protecting acting civilians in Beni territory requires a comprehensive UN response Lieutenant. General cuddles Albert Shan't crews will lead the assessment team gene was at U N headquarters in New York on Monday to brief the Security Council in told you and uses Monica Rayleigh. That's armed groups. Main agenda is criminal is not political. We we had to talk to the Security Council to explain the main conclusions have reports and concluded is on the Lee structure that we need to change to in order to have more operational activities in the mission mainly connected connected to the intelligence system and the professional control in the idea of banning in the east of phone. What do you have? Groups like. Eighty F- other armed groups which are the main challenges. And how do you suggest to tackle them. And these groups have in that region they are armed groups but they are as well. I kind of organized crime because the control many illegal business and across the borders with the neighbor neighboring countries and It's very difficult to have some operations against them because they don't all have political agenda they have a Criminal behavior is going to do something. Based on your report I think so because is the chief of GPO hero commended. The the United Nations to prepare one action plan in order to establish the practical measures to implement the recommendations. We haven't report and last question you were therefore for a while Now we have a new General taking over also Brazilian. Would you recommend something to him in this next month. In order to help to tackle the insecurity We they had A coincidence because Genero is here during this week we had to pursue to talk but not there to make recommendation because general exit officer Brazil selected one of the best one and And then I think he will be successful successful in the mission and this also he was also trained by you in the past. He was a student in the preparatory school. And I was a captain them and then a because I'm eleven years older than the general and then he's a new generation from ski officer and fantastic generation. We have in Brazil..

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