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Fly away man. That was a jam that one in rock of ages together. Rockabilly ges, I would have to hear it. Thank you. A lot of the hymns, but our band was really more like we weren't old school. They did more of the progressive type songs like they really like try to rock it out. You know. Show. This is the child store NetWorth game. So I'll give you two people that were child stars. You tell me who's worth the most now. Wow, sounds cool. Okay. Write your answer down who has a higher net worth right now? Mccully Kokin from home alone or Lindsay Lohan. Oh. Trick question. Okay. A higher network MacAulay Culkin from home alone. For Lindsey, in the low hand. Artem I'm able to child stores Amy MacAuley Kokin MacAulay Kokin Eddie MacAulay Culkin because of those Christmas movies. I don't know why, but MacAulay culkin's worth fifteen million. Lindsay Lohan worth about eight hundred thousand. So. Got into trouble with their money. Right. So. Okay. To child stars. Leonardo dicaprio. Daniel radcliffe. Harry Potter. Okay. In for the win. I'm in so to Capri or Harry Potter. Interesting. I'll say this Daniel Radcliffe, one hundred ten million dollars. So a lot of money. We're trouble feel good about my answer, Amy. Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter lunchbox Harry Potter Eddie Leo yachts and supermodels..

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