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Of the figures look at the pacific logos though especially positron. Ah-ha yeah i mean. They're explicitly action master. I a geek. I want the vector file for that action master logo police. Yeah i mean. They know what they're doing. And i understand prototypes or showing at this stage would be just basically to show the figure during the look like this. The figures may not work exactly like this and it's at this detailing that looks exa- that spike and never actually zoomed in on it but it's definitely spike no sparkplug. He doesn't have a gun. I guess also a thing but of course he's got the wrong color shirt. Yeah that mandate optimistic seven inches so There was a long interview with With toy celebrity. I suppose interviewer whatnot. The super seven guy. I was interviewing for about an hour. He touched on a lot of things he touched on this one too. They kinda of strongly hinted or kind of tongue in cheek indicated at some point they'll have grim wok in wave two or three or something like that. I didn't tell us you interviewed the super. Seven guy was out. They also mentioned that you guys. I don't know if this is the right segment in the show as if we have like heart segments we used to elko. They also said they're gonna do silver hawks. It's nice over hawks reaction. No oh well yeah. Don't do them. Let's come in and then they also continued their pr campaigns who justified the four hundred and fifty dollar thunder tank. Well naturally just look look at it. It's not great like it's it's not. I would not call that an ultimate thunder tank and a thunder cats guy. But don yeah. It's yeah well it is. I'll be honest i would. I'm passing. I mean i'm cherry. Picking the ultimate thunder cat figures just for characters that never came on out my god. Silver hawks is something that i'd be really t if i know i'm not going to go there yet. But if they did Silver hawks line and it looks good if they did a mirage. That would be a lot more tempting to get the mirage. The silver hawks plane than the thunder taint him. I know i know that but One thing i wanted to bring up about this we talked about this little bit real briefly pre show which you can listen to his podcast by going to patriotic conflict radio in signing up right do any we all else find it kind of weird. That has fro is licensing out basically. It's weird to super seven. They're doing more bio they're doing better red.

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