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Service nearly every appliance making model washers. Dryers refrigerators, freezers, washers, ranges, air, conditioners, and more master tech handles both residential and commercial work. And always solves the problem. Their technicians are friendly knowledgeable and on time. Call seven three four six six zero six four one that's seven three four six six two zero six four one or toll free eight hundred sixty six three zero three thirty one. You can also visit master tech appliance dot com. Online master tech federal boulevard. One block off stadium near the Ann Arbor post office service hours daily, eight thirty AM defy EM faster. Tech appliance technicians who care. Servicing appliances throughout washtenaw Livingston and western Wayne County. No shots. No drills. No pain. Got your attention patients are excited about the latest in dental technology available at Dr Michael singleton DDS in selene, if you're like many people fear can keep you from going to the dentist for needed care. However now with the Sola laser technology. There is no fear. That's right with Dr singleton's so laser there's no fear in going to the dentist. Stop putting off your dental. Visit and call Dr Michael singleton today at seven three four four two nine seventy four fifteen or stop by eighteen o one north in Arbor street in selene online at singleton smiles dot com. That's singleton smiles dot com. No shots. No drills. No pain. Call Dr Michael singleton, insulin today at seven three four four two nine seven four one five. That seven three four four two nine seven four one five. Hi,.

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