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This is diana. And i'm here with jill talk about the neuroscience of marketing and we were just chatting that we had a brush off a few kabwe webs of psych one terms and memory and encoding for this one but i found it a great interview. What was your experience listening to this episode. Joe we'll i i. I always think it's fun when we have two guests on at once. And i like kind of hearing the way that they talk back and forth and and i love princess that mattis that peanut butter to his jelly. So i was like sucked in to you. The relationship between these two right and there were several trips down memory lane. Diana not just the cycle one but talking about the pepsi challenge. And you know the differences between coke and pepsi. So i just thought that this was really engaging really interesting like looking at psychology kind of a different lens and we are all i mean. Dare i save victims of marketing. All the time you guys get into the the ethics of that and i just thought it was really interesting both as a consumer and as a business person to think through some of these different kinds of concepts. Yeah i think it's interesting to see how psychology influences so much of our lives and once we get a peek behind the psychology of marketing. It gives you more awareness around choices that you wanna make. And i thought this conversation between this neuroscientist and a marketer being the perfect match for us to uncover hauer approaching poaching consumerism. Right to understand it really scientifically in and i you know. I think it's really interesting to think about the ethics behind these things that i would have been really curious to hear if they had seen the movie. The social dilemma. Because that really delves into the way the algorithms are you know hooking us and marketing test and it reminded me of what they were talking about when they talk about What marketing is extracted value. And that when sellers aren't forthcoming about how they're going about this that it becomes unethical one-sided and that's where i think at the end when they talk about really it's in the hands of the consumers to make the change so if you listen all the way to the end folks they'll give you some concrete strategies that you can use to hopefully turn the tables a little bit so that you have a little bit more power and i'll give you a clue that it has to do with our addiction to free stuff so check out this episode. I hope you find it. Helpful and look forward to your feedback on today.

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