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Prints the money they think. Well yeah literally take by the way. Most of it's just digits runway. These numbers originate. You will not be fighting about donald. Stink and trump and joe biden. You won't even mention these fools anymore. Surprised people think you can still get golden silver for it. I believe dana. I believe you're talking about fractional reserve banking and that is where banks can issue money out of thin air When they want to loan something there used to be a requirement that the banks would have to keep roughly ten percent of whatever it is they were going to loan out in reserves but actually they thing that says no. They don't have to keep anything now. So now they're just creating this money out of thin air. You're right it is in digits. They're just adding digits to the ends of their ledgers right more zeros on the end of it and and money gets created out of thin air by not only the regular banks but also by the federal reserve as we witnessed with the we mentioned earlier in today's program. The one point nine trillion is the latest and theoretically theoretically they loaned that to the government right with interest or somehow by treasury bonds of some kind yet to funnel that into the state dana. Thanks for the call tonight. We appreciate it It certainly is interesting to say the least And i'm glad dana called it. Sounds to me like he's on the right track he gets it. Keep listening the listening to freetalklive. Go checkout freetalklive. Dot com dana You know this show. Yeah check out the archives. This show talks all about that stuff. ad nauseam at times depending on what days you're listening to well.

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