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In found a package of the flooring in the garage that was used in the home which is the product in the link below okay I believe it's been for five years since the flooring was installed is there a good way for me to test from Malahide levels in the home or is this possibly a non risk at this point and these were old floors from let's see where you get these authorities said that in here hello yeah it did lumber liquidators demand in your member a few years ago there was a big issue with some of the floors from lumber liquidators look it wasn't all the floors that had that issue and quite honestly if you're not smelling from aldehyde in the home you have absolutely nothing to to be searching for because from out of Hyde gives off a horrible or older and so there's no question that if you were having an issue with that you would be smelling it and if you're not I would totally forget about him worried about that and not worry about trying to hunted down to see if that floor has any formaldehyde in it yeah it's just not an issue in fact if it's been opened up and exposed for the four years or whatever that you were just talking about chances are it off gassed anyways but the bigger issue is it was a very small percentage of their floors that actually had the idea so I I really wouldn't worry about it Donna homebrewing question.

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