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And traffic shifts are scheduled to start tomorrow and will extend from state route 3 32 over to Pawn Fork Road. In today's local obituaries. Hamilton Mill announces the death of Gloria Azevedo, Monty Ho, Age 77 of Dick Ula Hillside Chapel announces the death of Beverly Hudgens, Randolph OSS Age 72 of Oakwood. Little and Davenport announces the death of Vera Laverne Pug Davis Gu Outer Age. 93 of Canes fill little in Davenport, also announcing the death of Ricky Lamar Pack age 62 of Cane's film. Memorial Park announcing the death of Edwin L. He eaten age 85 of Gainesville as well as the death of Guadalupe Zuniga. Oseguera Age 73 of gains. FILM Memorial Park South announces the death of William Billy Allen Martin age 61 of Lula and Memorial Park South announces the death of Bobby Jean McGee, Age 84 of Flowery Branch. There's more news it access WD You win and our thoughts with the family of pug Got her if she was a great listener. Oh, yes. Great collar this program and I just hate that. But goodness 93. A lot of lot of cheer for Georgia Bulldogs. Yes, him pug. She kind of kept you boys and landed and she did a good job of that. That's a very good job of that. That is for sure. Oh, man. Well, great life, Wonderful morning person. Glad that I got a chance to know her a little bit. It was a lot of fun used, I guess was a couple years back a star, the grocery store somewhere and just walking along and she hollered out at me and we waved and talk briefly. It was his nice nice so they will wish our condolences to the family and our thoughts, certainly with them. Seven minutes after seven w do you and your thoughts maybe with how cold is it outside with the actual temperature? Is Kayla mentioned moment. Not that bad, but that wind chill with winds right now, between 14 and 16 Miles an hour, picking up little.

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