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Night with the teen to get to tokyo he giving me a sleeping pill for the flight and the next thing i know i was all alone with him in his hotel room getting a quote treatment i thought it was going to die that night the testimony of olympian michaela moroni in the trial of the ex us gymnastics doctor larry nassar new zealand is gonna help us raise all first child those were the words from descend on the country's prime minister who's an and she's pregnant with a child expected in june she is only the second elected leader in modern times to give birth wall in office las to do so was benazir bhutto and pakistan in 1990 is what you send auden at us at a press conference i am not the faith woman kamochi cath i'm not the faith woman to work and have a baby i know these i think you'll see confound the fact that we many women who will have done this well before i have i knowledge faith woman i am about to sympathize with them a lot is i sympathise with woman who suffered morning sickness but i'm excited we are excited and we know together if we are we going to make this work in new zealand is going to help us raise a face child will many heroin political reporter for radio new zealand's told me what the reaction has been like amongst new zealanders a lot of excitement and it's although it's been quite surprised that the the first time we heard about this was wind and hit the capital like many couples do actually announced the darker social media on instagram prime minister posted a photo.

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