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Anything it doesn't matter if it's weight loss or heart disease or diabetes whatever it is when you're struggling with anything like that remember that the choices that you make each and every day that's what matters more than just anything else let's go the phones and talk to john hi john calling him out rls smut mother has a restless leg syndrome and i wanted to know what the best way to treat that would be a she's seventy nine years old rls restless leg syndrome is something that's actually pretty common but it comes down to our minerals so the minerals that we take each and every day if we don't get enough of them so yeah things like calcium magnesium boron the different minerals if we don't have enough of the minerals coming in that's what becomes the greatest challenge to us so we have to have that coming in to really make the impact so i would encourage you to do with restless leg is to get a blood test on primary care physician take a look at it and see exactly what's going on with those numbers so for example with something like this leg if she's not if she doesn't have enough vitamin d then she's not going to be absorbing her other minerals like magnesium and calcium she won't be able to utilize them as much so getting the vitamin d level up is going to be the first key and vitamin d of course you can bring those numbers pretty easy just take to supplement the also wanna take vitamin k two with that so if there's vitamin d three and the k to you want to blend those together we've got a blended formula like that at the website if you go to inshapenetwork dot com you can see it there but yeah it's it's it's extremely important to put those two together restless leg is typically a mineral imbalance in the body none of the medications do work it's a great mandate but it comes down to balancing the body up more than triple.

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