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Fence her defense really well does not mean that that guy's automatically going to be able to run a program really well and the fact that you know is actually been a head coach at a lower level i think is a positive because it you least you know a little bit about what you're getting here very a fordham morphine art it was non scholarship but but also one a lot of football games so that is even a quick i think they were marooned wide as well to so he doesn't have to change a lot of the closet back backing wells yeah ought to give himself a cowbell the right yeah that's one of my favorite stories about a coaching change which i've i've told on this show before but not recently is i think you jim bolger housekey was to lane and 1990s six and he is asking tommy bowed you know if he was ill was a serious about taking the cleanse clemson job in tommy's this looked at him and got up from his desk goes into his closet behind the desk started throwing out all the green shirts in the closet and says you want any of these are you interested in these he needed a new wardrobe south so that's the efficient coaching search and then we have more liberal i'll let you in all here mike gundy that would not have needed i've outfitted change hetty gone to knoxville but he has decided as he said he is a cowboy for life and played there he's coach there has been the head coach there forever and that he is not going to knoxville vis leaves seven milliondollar a year deal it he's like now i'm going to be a cowboy for life like how how do you even take the interview if you're sir seven million dollars a year i mean no coaches ever had more leverage over a program and now everyone's gotta go to tennessee and just be like yeah i'd like my pay raise blaze.

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