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Man, it was. It was delicious. I took it back tweet a picture of the menu, Victoria's fillet Ayers, Rock Melbourne porterhouse. Some of them don't have the call the rib eye RA by the Disney ABC which which meets they don't respect because they don't aim some of them. What about it makes it Australian? Like I wish they would be like, yeah, we use Australian spices or something like, I don't know what that would even tell like they do something actually qualifies to name it something straight, but they don't. They just fucking throw name in front of it. Do you know what's on the Alice Springs chicken know what's on it. Chiro. It isn't isn't too, isn't it? Like pepper, Jack cheese, top chicken, chicken, chicken chicken with mushrooms, bacon, and cheese. Exercise pretty awesome. And there's there's a salmon dish with bacon hat back at springs. Is that your all see accent? Yeah, I went for it. Again, I'm not going to do that again. My friend that is not happening do an Australian James corden impersonation. I can barely even do James corden impersonation the only thing I say James Gordon first nation. On James coding. The reason I had to start with Hello. I'm James corden is to like get into like I couldn't. I couldn't go straight into James corden impersonation without doing. I try to do. You know is nothing like. I didn't know ads. We'll get to that a second. Let's finish this. I actually have to do the same exact thing out of the ads on my own. I do the same exact thing for Jay Leno. I can't go right in the Jalen. All I have to do that. A little like you gotta get like the voice warmed up. I like, that's why true always starts with the Hello. I'm James corden a pretty gum. It's like you're foreplay to the to the accent I get it was how are you thinking about it too hard? No pun intended right. You just need to like this, let it flow. The analogy in this in this particular case. Okay. I made peace with it. What you what you guys is favorite sporting goods store. Dick's seal only one that really it academy in Dick's or the only two that exists. Now, what was the other one that I got shot already. Yeah, there used to be huge right near my house and just Broncos, Brecqhou stadiums because for thirty feel that mile high stadium or something like that, I miss MC sports. Did you guys ever go to an MC sports? No, real real smaller sporting goods stores. I miss that old fashioned, sporting goods store smell smell like the.

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