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There was a Broadway musical that was in development. A lot of it was written. It never happened. Apparently royalty disputes. He has just gone to Disney theatrical apparently trying to do it again. There's a new version. Yes. And I think that that's a fair way to this approach it as a musical because it does seem very adaptable as musical the me. And that would not step on what exists here there is beautiful music in this movie written by Mark Knopfler, one of my wishes for this. I wish they would release a version where they took Knopfler score and record it with the proper orchestra instead of a sin, which was I guess exciting at the time. But it's it just feels a little well, then diminishes the score. And also just it's wrong that place. Doesn't have since you know, it just so weird. It's that's makes me sad. I'm sorry. I'm gonna agree with you. I think the idea of doing a mutual of it make sense because it feels like these characters wanted saying, so they're expressing such kind of simple true ideas that like those feel like songs, and that's the way to get into these characters heads. I curious whether they keep the framing device of the grandfather and son, I don't think you necessarily need it in the stage version, but you can bet they do. I bet they do. I mean, it's so and also the last line why in God's name rob Reiner didn't just fade out on Peter Falk after he says as you wish why does he then go back and have them to walk out of the room and close the door and leave Fred savage there. So weirdest choice. Anyway, we can find Robert Nasscom. Let's yeah. But but that last line is the whole raise on of this thing, which is you just learned that. Love is a service that we do for others. That's what this whole story was about and me being here with you was my service to you. I love you. And you need that last line. Because that to me explain why we went through the exercise William Goldman, effectively convinced I think everybody that reading storytelling story to somebody is in its own way and active service in an act of love, which is why he did it for his own kids. It is brilliant in its simplicity and going to have to watch it for the one thousand and one time clearly let US Open it up system questions. So we have to stands into the aisle, if people have questions or things comments, they wanna share I guess, we'll allow comments this sort of special automated did not make this move. If people have other options, they wanna share as well, that's that's cool too. But we'll sort of get your thoughts on this. We'll start with user. Hey, they're just from the last few things guys were saying about the synth tracks, and the the closing the door at the end it occurs to me. We're not really seeing the story. That's on the paper. We're seeing what Fred savage seeing. And we just saw him. We we open on him playing the video game with the sense track. And it kinda matches with what he might be imagining couldn't feel it closes at the end of the movie to the door closing Tim going to sleep. We're not really following the book, we're following Fred savage in his head. That makes sense. I mean, I always identify with the old ju so. That's probably where my you're actually raising good point, which basically who's POV is that host from from the point of view, or the I own slaughter was from the grandfather's point of view. Personally. I could make a good argument either way. But I think those choice of shots really matters here. And so it's an argument against the Rams point of view. He walks into the scene. So yes, but there are moments where Fred savage is shocked and even says way way, wait like you said no kissing which makes me think that he isn't watching the movie. What's going to turn it into a question? The question beat you say identify with the Jew now. But the first time you all do Frank has always been I was I was born eighty. Hi, so weird. Seeing your guys faces move by your voice weird for us..

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