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To continues to come in after the tragic death of former Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins stay with WTO P for more on these stories in just minutes It's ten 48 And here's rob stallworth in the traffic center In Maryland looking good on the beltway throughout Montgomery and prince George's county things are clear on I 95 north down on the Baltimore Washington Parkway That's where you are sluggish leaving one 93 headed toward powder mill road and vice versa as you leave one 75 headed down toward one 97 Nothing reported blocking if you do know give me a call He and the traffic center 8 6 6 three zero four 98 67 no problems one route 50 between the capital beltway and the eastern shore looks good going across the bay bridge west band with three lanes west and two lanes east traveling at this point on two 70 and joining decent ride I 70 westbound near maysville that crash is cleared still some delays though as you head up the hill towards south mountain no problems being reported in Virginia on the beltway between Alexandria and mcclain traveling 66 join a good ride as you make your way out of Gainesville headed in toward rosalyn Keegan coming across the Roosevelt bridge eastbound We do have the left side block for the work zone that is active and in place but really too much of a delay right now South and I 95 on the brakes leaving lorton headed toward one 23 which are traveling to open for the south expect some delays going through dump trees headed toward triangle north and I 95 looks pretty good headed toward the Springfield interchange north and I three 95 is the volume passing boundary channel drive hooded up to and across the 14th street bridge but to travel lanes are available If you're in the district this is southeast westbound on Pennsylvania avenue This is one of the Sousa bridge at a manhole cover come off and it is along the left side and that left lane uncertain if we have help there yet so watch out Traveling west Ben or inbound on Pennsylvania avenue across the Susan bridge with that left lane blocked ID me the identity verification company committed a digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans more at ID dot me slash hour promise I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Nice storm team fours Ron Miller has our weather Looking at a little bit of sunshine here through the clouds this afternoon breezy conditions with temperatures in the lower to middle 50s overnight we're dropping into the 30s.

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