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I do not believe that is is robbie lawler. Okay guys now that we have that news out of the way let's turn our attentions toward everything. Ufc two sixty four beginning with the first fight on the main card. Sugar sean. o'malley put out a very interesting interview today in this regard. He's about to fight a gentleman who is not ranked sean insane from his inner circle from what he hears. I would imagine that social media friends text messages. He said people are mad. That i'm not finding a ranked guy he goes. I've never fought a rank guy. Oh by the way. I'm not ranked i've never been offered a ranked guy. I don't know what to do first thing you do. You don't do a damn thing. Different people need to be copying you and not vice versa. Anybody that's telling you you need to find a rank guy for what for a ranking. I'll listen to it. For what do you want to fight a ranked guy so that you can have a racket. Okay great why. What are you going to do with that. See it on some dot com print it out and hope that your grandchildren see it. Some day was in every your goal. Sean when you started this to be ranked guy. I really wanna be ranked. What do you want to be ranked i want. I want to be the champion champions different. You just said right. What do you want to be ranked. Seems like a really weird thing to set your life. Aside dedicate and go. Do you're never going to be recognized for it. The rankings exists somewhere what i presumed to be dot com which nobody has told me because i have literally never seen them and i live in the sport but if that is your goal what do you want to be ranked so all of a sudden we start breaking it down right. Talking directly to sean. Shall we start breaking this down. You never did want be right. But the ranking was a step in the direction of the championship match. Which is what you want to okay. Great i'll listen to that. But how many ranked guys do you have to fight. I mean if you do it right you'll fight one. He'll be ranked one. You will take his spot and then we'll go right into a championship match. Why would anybody have a strategy to well. You know there's fifteen spots and so why don't i start with number fourteen and then we'll see if we can get to eleven and then we'll see what the number eight guys up to and then i'm going to check in on a number five and i imagine since that's gonna take me three damn years to get to that fight. It's going to be a different opponent than i ever planned for anyway. Because they changed left and right and they don't matter right. I mean you hear guys say this all the time well. I'm ranked number eight. So that gives me six guys to fight anybody going the other way. This doesn't make any sense for what none of them made any sense to have a goal to be ranked doesn't make any sense unless you say it's a stepping stone to move in the direction we will fight. A bunch of rank gots four for what they sound like. They would be better than the unranked guys. Don't you want to fight the worst guy possible and i realized there's no light lifted around here the ufc. There's there's no light lifting around here at the same time if you're making your plan. What kind of a goal would it be. Who are these people that are advising you to fight a ranked guy. How would they know for one. How do these people know that. I don't i exist in this sport. I don't know what anybody's ranked. I learned that sean isn't ranked when sean did this interview and said i'm not right that stunned me. That very much surprises me. Sean should have a ranking shore. The fact that he beat a trained fighter while limping around on one leg should prove to you that he deserves the right but if he's not okay great fine but before you answer these people before sean you say i. I don't know what to do. You don't know what to do you're doing it. you're doing it. You agree to dates when your phone ranks you then train and prepare for those danes. You make wait. You make the walk when your music kits those speakers the rest of it my friend.

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