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Well supported a call may help that if you have like a robot I can wrestle steering bring one down for that's that's what he's doing but you know he loves it it's scary really scary when you talk about you know guidance groping you know he got caught deal he'll be good with it I know Madison this is really a funny story great story now back to Tolbert Krueger and Brooks TKP on KNBR one L. four five and six eighty three sports leader I know he hasn't been gone long it is good to hear Bruce poachers voice it is and you know all the best to Gabe Kapler in and I'm sure Bruce Bochy things this way but I've been talking about it that you know a lot of Gabe Kapler to be managing do is thing you don't want you know someone else hovering over in sports he is is not going to do that but Bruce Boettcher being around and just you know having to be accessible as he was to Murph and mac this morning here on KNBR morning show on the sports leader just having around accessible and and just hear his voice and I was to get his you know his baseball fox is is is a good thing but response you're referencing Madison Bumgarner the new revelation from the athletic which I guess is like TMZ they're breaking news and get their rights the overwhelming majority of the time but found out this weekend to Madison Bumgarner has been competing in rodeos for the alias of Mason Saunders which is a shortening of medicines the government first name and Saunders's wife's maiden name I remember why I made nine pictures came out and now this cover has been blown as a Bumgarner slash Mason Saunders competed in team roping competition this past December one twenty six thousand and change and according to the athletic Madison Bumgarner had also competed in a rodeo event I'm going to assume it's a team roping competition last year when he was with the giants during spring training before one of his starts that was news to the giants just like Madison Bumgarner competing in the competition this past December after signing the eighty five million dollar contract with the Diamondbacks that was news to the Diamondbacks and apparel is newspapers pochi as you just heard as as well everybody's having a good laugh about it because of course Madison Bumgarner was competing in rough who fits under a under a false name it all makes sense now that we know about it but this has opened up the discussion dies of how much does Madison Bumgarner ode to his employer you know in terms of what she is able to do and what he is not able to do because he could end up hurting himself and some people say Hey man listen he's gonna be ride horses anyway whether he's competing in team roping competitions and rodeos and not so why are you gonna bang on him for that's other people gonna say he is a very prized member of these teams is being paid handsome boy he should keep himself out of harm's way this is turning into a big pretty interesting discussion in terms of what people think well I'd still say if he's a member of a team is a partner that they're they're doing the roping someone's got to be chest Rockwell on some of that we brought here is being credible aliases that that would just be incredible that service in the movie but is still being credible I'm interested in this activity well I mean they could have your horse it did get some amount of danger to it it's like if you ride a motorcycle Beaverton it your whole life you could probably write a motorcycle pretty damn well those are good and there's still some danger of motorcycles no I didn't yeah Jeff can say there's only really mean that well there you go I mean there's always someone here in danger with that I mean then you're on animals so you fall off immediately I'm sorry what is under normal circumstances but again it's an animal I think here's the thing there's a lot of things on the list that we can do as athletes and as you remember they aren't why members skiing was always one of the side that I Sir I'm diving was wanting serving may have been one because member Barry Zito conserve whenever the giants the thing that was on the list one can fall yes but I'm not sure if the big we get in there get large parties die anyway they're gonna pay as they should be okay with that spelunking scares the hell of it by the way was going to cave under water as they get out of here with that crap go away you like those member those kids got out of the cable you'd have to drug me to not get into that water go to that K. forget that either should meet with the good stuff I barely want to be conscious we're going just as well okay okay it was a bull yeah thank you don't worry about it just did like you say back about a twelve pack I. P. A. the hell knows it does leave a little slit open in the bottom to America the restroom over on the way anywhere so a lot of guys do stuff that they should they'd probably be prohibited in the contract and I think that guys you got to be a live your life right and you get a bill to go out and do what you want to do and some of it may there may be some rest I'm sure auto racing is part of it because guys like to get out there racing cars so I had it like a bomb that hunting it from that well I assigned to you know start I don't see things on there don't know what's on the small players in the off season now that's what I don't member Hon being in a contract that that does that member that would be in there but it could be I I'd I'd fanfest two or three years ago hunter Strickland was told us that that his fate he loves spring training and will spring training because me and me and Matt bomb every night we like to hunt coyotes is Thomas's rewards I mean what do you do he's a guy he said the bush with a helmet with a light on it and once you hear some rustling you turn that light on and then you start shooting M. Russell of that area well I'm not a big fan either because I'm tired so I could do it I would say yeah I'm sure it's yeah it's there's there's no provisions in contracts from not honey if that were the case the Major League Baseball Players Association would have been over that on that a long time ago still go hunting with Dick Cheney yeah I would think well then why he's wanting a shot then they didn't no that's right he shot his home right okay boy apologize for getting shot that's right what is this fall the way the bullet has power and is it a member that is so the changes that Russell Crowe I think it was it was I just think of your is on he's gonna do it isn't it do I need to say look we do tell do if that's all you are doing in the offseason you know we get it to your but if you get hurt the enemy I try against we're do we're not going to do with the giants dig the giants ever right what he thought that motorbike cancel the contract and they did okay many each of our book Bumgarner yeah but yeah I'm sorry Dick when he fell off the bike is like do we could just take your contract and stop that's it what is one smart not to do that because we deal with they had a sweet deal exactly hero he's a hero zero it wasn't bad it wasn't bad blood in between though but also they had at the time I think head series designs on re signing him so there's no sense in roiling the waters and they dropped that idea right then and there they probably are but I think they still on some level thought we'd like to recite a now we re sign at a price it's more meaningful to us there's no sense in picking a fight on something that could be eventually beneficial to the giant so I think they have their reasons to be upset they also have their reasons for not show truly how upset that they wore I think the situation is different from the Diamondbacks because what is a five year deal for eighty five million dollars they're not gonna resign Madison Bumgarner to another contract so I think if the Diamondbacks wanted to be a hard line on this and say no man you can't do that kind of stuff they could because if they take it off what he's gonna do not pitch not make them is I'm probably gonna make already five million dollars but not make the best majority of the of the contract monetarily I don't believe the Diamondbacks are going to do that just by virtue and again these are public comments were taken for what they're worth maybe they're saying something different behind closed doors but the comments from the Diamondbacks your manager and their on field manager Torey Lovullo is basically saying he's been riding horses all his life we're just not going to tell them what to do yeah that's sort of simple here's what we don't know none of us know what the risks are like I said it's an animal so there is a risk but it could be like point but all five percent maybe it's a sport word nobody falls off ever because these guys every horse their whole lives sort of follow up would be something you go wow did fall off a horse I don't use anything coming out of it is a cap they wrote them and that's pretty much it and rod that explained it was only the only about the whole you know it's not I thought his calf roping and and that's what I thought it was too I'm the only person is room is been rodeos enough because I wanted to go yeah I would have never been to rise on wears a dual horse you got your rope you trolled around here your total debt has jumped off also you thought a calf on the ground you wrap the four legs up and you put your hands up yeah then you go have a Copenhagen to do no no no you had that in me right the horoscope and you have no problem doing that way right tendering is mandatory for having coping your system when you get out the horrors so you don't have it your doctor sponsored by companies would be ride without hope haven there's something wrong with him tandem roping which I've just found this out a couple hours ago just because I was told that there is a difference between half probing panel broken ten roping is two people in separate horses one person broke stood the calf by the horns once you get that secured the person on the other horse roasted half by the cavs hind legs and then after he falls didn't after he's been restrained by the first person groping the head of the calf so the whole idea is to one person gets to handicap one person gets the legs and then you do that a certain amount of time but you're not no one gets off a horse to jump down and to subdue the the calf to keep them from moving or whatever you have so that seems incredibly hard by the way I mean you look at all four legs no no just highlights and highlights yeah so you look at I mean it it is you know I'm if you are you know boot leaning towards being pro animal if you can get past it the animals role in this whole thing it is a very impressive skill when you look at it because you are riding a horse which is a very difficult thing to do and you're also trying to rope something that is quickly for understandable reasons moving it away from you in and you're trying to restrain it so that's what Madison Bumgarner does no nothing about it other than what I just saw what I've just relayed to you guys the only danger I see is riding the horse but that's something Madison Bumgarner has done is probably doing right now and will continue to do so what's the danger I don't know if there really is one quite frankly I will say this if there's no danger why are you being all secrets world about it with a fake name seriously why if if you're gonna be the star of the redneck Olympics why can only tell you that man what can you tell your that I'm not trying to fight people out walking and is talking about I'm just I'm just joking but when you're here seems thank you but I mean if if if if it's if it's if there's no danger then why do you not have to why these what is it why would he just have full disclosure must be somewhat dangerous Larry knows the California you said you'd be amazed how many rednecks are in California yeah you realize or Iraq I know exactly what we have we will discuss with the power of miles easier to tell you something I knew exactly where I live and where you go to the other side of the of the Marin Sonoma county line head north you run into people I know although some bars where the blow torch works against us against you yes against you if you're gonna be the star of the redneck Olympics so I can't tell you how to turn off.

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