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Hey so the next day i was naked. I spent the the day naked with survey. I mean who would mind what beginning to the film but isabelle i fell in love with isabelle the second matt her and she's a truly learned brilliant inspiring woman a woman that has great greet again real vision and taste and it was fortunate that we could all come back together to do this project checked learning to try that was so personal to me that was so important to me and that was something that took a few years to get back you guys i think six years to get back together but that one learning drive was was important to you because i think in some ways one of the few times you've been able to be been given the chance to of speed the centerpiece of a movie. Will i loved the i love catha polit. I loved the essay again. The the emotional life of wendy. Andy sat just sat in me. Even though i don't live never lived that life and i liked the story of a woman who's not getting her groove move back. This woman had more than you. She had a phenomenal job. She was living her life. You know as a writer journalist cheat. She had a thaddeus husband. She had beautiful daughter of remarkable life but she she failed to look up. She failed to take it in and so life left her and so. It's not about a woman finding her own. Even though there's the metaphor for learning to drive it's about a woman actually coming back to really who she is and always has been and and actually able to to really engage in a purposeful life a life that has love and meaning as opposed to just herself in between those two. You had quite a run with the new york film making legends. Let's say woody allen's vicky cristina barcelona in two thousand and whatever works in two two thousand nine and scorsese shutter island in two thousand ten. That's i worked with him to simultaneous. I had to leave woody. Let me go from the set out of whatever works to go shoot shot island which by the way i remember what he can say hi to mardi will and it's it's you know not not necessarily the size of the part that matters to you right because first of all were stacey said that the scene with you in the cave with leo cavallo wpro another he said quote that was probably the scene that when i read the script made me wanna make the film close quote so just you know at that point you've been in your you've been active in films for over twenty years but do you still get a little intimidated. Yes by people like that. What he i wasn't second time. 'cause i done vicky cristina gene and i i liked the way i'm an improvisational person and i don't think people realize that that's how would he used to work as a lot of improv free loose and but and so is scorsese i mean you know you get on that set and you better be ready to rock and roll and you better not have anything to tied down and you have to play which is quite beautiful. I think as actors and he and leo had already. We made a few together on that so they have you know. They have a secret language. It's <hes> you know they. They can complete each other's sentences says so. I walked into this these these towering figures but they aren't you know leo is a wonderful you know remarkable marketable actor and everything you think he is is exactly right in front of you and marti lives for actors. Oh well i had mentioned learning to drive in two thousand fourteen is one of your first central parts overlooked the first one which was a great one in two thousand nine a very it was a bit of a low profile movie with a canadian director but this you're playing a canadian woman. Happily married also to diplomat has an affair with an egyptian man while awaiting her husband's return chase the chase yes fair in cairo and this is called cairo time a really good one year in every single frame of the movie.

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