Political Analyst, President Trump, Hawaii discussed on Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News


The my colleagues will linda and the bend bri behind the glass producing directing off the entire r presentation we are packed with information at 834 going to be learning more about the brie brew city bruisers was the strapping other pera skates and skating with the ladies at the arena will hear it from one of the feature performers her name is killer queens who's coming up at eight thirty four and then at eight fifty one will check in with our friend wayne young quals longtime political analyst in milwaukee meaty he's going to break down what the significance is all about with the annual physical exam of the president that also was controversial this week my lord it was a controversial weaken the news everything from the hawaiian missile alert missile or it i guess is what you'd say to tax reform and even of visit worth larry the cable guy wisconsin zone relearned during the course of a phone conversation we'll get into that in just a moment but let's strap on our seatbelts and here we go with another addition of week in review on saturday officials in hawaii mistakenly sent an alert said a missile was at a toward the island for thirty minutes families were panicstricken i was calling in thank you nuts my family room it was not real freer required and trump didn't comment until the next day let's classic trump right there i mean the first time there actually is fake news he's nowhere to be found first big win and twenty 18 it's definitely puts a new wind at our back reverses a worker coal certainly to me of the folks who work permits a wake up call the value of encompass we in having the crapper this probably at the lowest of this ever an was cleaning out the father's car when she found the gun and put it in the backpack which the child brought to school levels the southeast wisconsin saw three to six inches of snow lake affects snow help to push totals were easy amount i think almost all door county solver of foot but there are some spots that are over two feet underground like snow why you letting was hacked i was born here with albeik duscher lunged garuba social if he changes my title she'll be it have you heard from the governor i have not heard from the.

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