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Arrival first aired november seventh of nineteen. Ninety seven was written by john. Semper the semper send pie long with karen milanovic who has never written or done anything before or since which is weird and also happened to episodes ago anyway. This secret wars thing sounds familiar. So it's time for another hush-hush addition of peter's comic book minute. So the next few episodes are a mosh to the classic event called secret wars which was originally from may nineteen eighty-four and all the way to april nineteen eighty five. It was written by. Jim shooter with pencils by mike. Zach and bob. Layton was a twelve issue. Miniseries and real quick synopsis is cosmic entity called the beyond observes the mainstream marvel universe fascinated by the presence of superheroes on earth and their potential this entity chooses a group of both heroes and super villains and teleport characters against their will to battle world. A planet created by the beyond disin- galaxy. This world has also been stocked with alien weapons and technology the beyond our declares i am from beyond slayer enemies and all that you desire shall be yours. Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish some highlights from this is super heroes and villains have several skirmishes but there are also several significant developments in the series for example the character titania and volcano are created. The second spider woman. Julia carpenter is introduced. Spider man finds and wears the black costume for the first time. Colossus ends his romantic relationship with a heartbroken. Kitty pryde that was the thing. Apparently and the thing gains the ability to revert to his original human form of ben grimm at will and chooses to remain behind him about a world and explores the galaxy for a year with she hulk temporarily joining fantastic for as his replacement so pretty interesting story to read twelve issues. But it's like that early eighties comic book style. It's pretty dr lots of texts but read cool. I guess we'll find out. How closely resembles that original source material because our episode begins was spiderman hurtling through space and time courtesy of madame web. She brings spidey to meet a mysterious and powerful being called the beyond her who takes a humanoid form and explains that he and his servant madame weber interstellar travelers would become curious about a little planet called earth. So we're back in the galactic butthole. Oh god the galactic call it off skippy if you will What is more disturbing that Horrible butthole clenching the distance or her horrible snake eyes or the testicle. She has masquerading as a chin. What last week. What these guys creepy though. I don't like it. Keep the glasses on. Jesus i like the also decides to go ahead steal a line from empire strikes back really quick here. It's not like anybody saw that movie. Nodal notice you will be spider. Yeah it's it's a straight up left. So then madame web goes and uses her powers to go in like paralyzed spider man. He's like i'm paralysed. I'm mike madame web has showed her true what her true plan is to make everyone. A paraplegic. her. That's why did he as like. Oh what did it makes. Seventy jokes but alister smart. Buttle also goes all like negative like like mr negative who. We never seen this series. You know that a character is getting fact when they go. Inverted shit's going to happen. I like oh the bring spiderman through this thing and then you know you can hear the yonder starting to talk but spiderman gets dropped here and he smoked choking like we're they not allowing him debris while he was in like paralyzed. They just paralyzed lungs to begin. Houston stasis that his body was just like. Let's not do anything. He was paralyzed. Kevin that means everything. Oh my god. That's horrifying so. Was he conscious and just like hope. Apparently oh my god. It's the beyond her so the beyond her first appearance is actually in the secret. War series in may of nineteen eighty-four is created by jim shooter and mike zek. His abilities are near omnipotence. Omnipresence in the beyond realm and near omniscience some dictionary words for you. God shit basically beyond is like. Oh yeah. i'm a creepy fucking pair of eyes in the sky. I assume a more familiar for converts himself into harry osborn. Hello friend yeah. I think we all expected uncle. Ben will i. I thought that it was like more. Does voice oh yeah who does his voice so the earl bone or it's spelled b. o. n. go either way and i'm sure he could to so we've actually covered him before because he's also the voice of the red notes but i mean what are you gonna do. Speaking of being voiced by barron morteau the beyond our looks like wolverine and barrymore does love child. it's that like wolverine haircut with the be with moro's goatee. It's quite look to be fair. very ace. Ventura my goals come out of corinthian looking like the beyond their with the devil horn mullet sideburn rat tails and the unholy yellow. Is the whole deal. Let's get a look hot so he floats in. And he's like think of me as one from beyond call me beyond. I thought spider man was going to go. I'm from new york. Call me a new yorker market here fucking beyond earth does hammers this beyond. I'm from beyond beyond your understanding. I come from the beyond so call me jimmy. While the beyond her continues there chad explaining that our morality is foreign to them and that as an agent of good spiderman had been chosen for a little experiment to determine whether or evil is stronger beyond chooses a distant idyllic planet and dumps him evil goons their clue. Doc alistair smythe the lizard doctor doom and the red skull naturally. They arrive on the unsuspecting world and promptly. Start fucking shit up. So the beyond your. Here's this. you are agent for mike. That's just perspective man. 'cause according to doctor octopus he's injured and of good according to like doom. He's doing good. You know if he doesn't understand morality. How does he know that would need. Just default to using laws to understand good evil in which case spiderman is a vigilante. So i feel like if he was to look at good versus evil. You're right doctor. Doom would be something he would side with because doom brings a place of horror in struggling under a monarchy to prosperity. Yeah they don't have quote unquote freedom. But he'd be like but look how wealthy they are the man who can choose anything and to do whatever wants would probably value freedom pretty highly It's fair now. Goes and says that doctor. Doom like his people hate him and all that stuff but they don't in the comics far as i know like like a good leader like he protects them and he actually gives a shit about his country. So i don't know what the fuck the getting this from..

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