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Charge of the main personnel the director of the fbi that was doing the investigation when this was happening raise currently is fired right But the questions men that they're asking one of them You don't want to go into too much details for trigger warning purposes. And i've heard fucked up questions posed victims like this and it's yeah and it was like a weird question in the end where it was like. Okay that the person like him nassar touching you and but did it help you. One of that is an f. b. I'm not gonna go into detail. I remember that i was like. What the kind of question is that. Okay i hear that. It's fucked up. That he touched you like why would you ask. That is so fucked up. Yeah trying to normalize it because it's been so normalized in terms of how he vocalise is the way he puts hands on these girls like he like this was told people like. Yeah you know. Sometimes they get a little close by have to because you know certain muscle here in a certain muscle their agent that ask michaela maroni who. Wow her story can't pull and it's not like this is one of them like he drugged her and went from there. Like he's really. I you have to check out the The documentary on that flakes. I think that's where i saw it on netflix. But you had the way that at the fbi asked moroni or michaela They ask if this treatment ever helped me. I said no it never did. They call the treatment. They called the assault treat right and she says gas lighting shit right there. She said this treatment was one hundred percent abuse. Never gave me any relief good good. I'm glad she corrected. She corrected language. Yeah of course yeah only care about property damage and only care about you know. Yeah securing their bags and wonder doing the when they had the testimony on wednesday. All i saw like i was simone. Biles michaela maroney alley Razman men and maggie mcnichols and these are four women right and the only survivor. The only person who like because this not everyone can deal with this. Everyone deals with some trauma like this rape abuse like this in their own way some can move forward and some it just stops you insert it destroys you right and i saw these four ladies at the at the at the table and i was like these four right there could have been in tokyo with simone and getting gold today. Mean whole entire yes. Yes wow yeah like. They could have been right there with simone and i like yeah and so They go into the graphic detail and call for the institution and people who should have protected them to be held accountable. Sure that's what they're calling for. That was their job and fbi director. Christopher ray who is the current new director was not leading the agency during the original investigation and justice. Department inspector general. Michael horowitz also testified before the committee ray said the f. b. i. would be considering recommendation made by hauritz report such as mandatory training. He also confirmed the fbi agent accused of failing to investigate. The allegation was recently..

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