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Number like is that people a semilinked to look a people magazine story is the the first video is of legality explaining the video your kids yeah figured out yourself at a lower down his just the fall ice okay would you might wanna to the people magazine guy on sounded pretty up he's got an asylum number ninety he said a pretty cool i must realise major sort of stuff so right okay has got a great job i'm ready for it day sale and i can tell you that you like it because her head is bought i'm trying to get into it it's like it when you when his head bob socci likely seems in voluntary soon galedary heavy light evita earlier since amber light is fat that's the me that's their mets people mets the fine production skills over a people magazine still debra lay signs in timber lake is bad people the granny wetter justin timberlake himself returning student again since hambro since september lay these people the grammy winner addressing sort of like himself returning with his new single filthy minutes before midnight thursday in the futuristic music video showcases one seriously sexy robots with some why do we care about things that you win it he did it just if commissioners hey if you would could turn to headbutt sexy robots are going to love filthy jail friday what he did it really was friday somewhere but it wasn't friday where he was getting out of the wire is the thing now like dropping it right before midnight social media explodes and i don't know why you didn't build holy land and now here we go here we are very smooth moves the video begins with the flaws from a crowd as timberlake arrives dressed like steve jobs and introduces an artificial you were right gives you work for people tell us have creation that goes on to a maze the crowd with its ability to dance the pop star shared the video on twitter writing disarm should be played very loud filthy is the first single off timberlake fits studio album manuel key things mammal misuse now the new record is said to.

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