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The government full and the rise of the national archives the rules of the federal records act require all of that to be preserved and their failure to do so is a violation of federal the how do we know all this how do we know that they have failed to preserve remembered nothing i'm getting ahead of ourselves mr browser birthright remember whom we all got pissed off about lois lerner in the irs and her missing emails and are missing hard drives why are we not equally outraged here and will are the congressman where's the attorney general and where is the president on this issue we only know about this disclosure about the lack of the text messages because it was made public friday in a letter sent by the justice department to the senate homeland security governmental affairs committee susan collins did off your fares demand go to the white house and say i want these three dummy i you can order a but you can persuade the president if here's war to suspend them with pay the pending fbi an investigation in these two your who's in particular the missing tax and their supervisor or rod from the rosenstein period of december by implication twenty for listen closely december have fourteen failed to preserve 2016 five and months may seventeen worth of text 2017 messages exchanged between them why on is that import government phones stroke and page were significant players in the clinton and trump investigations as the deputy chief of counterintelligence stroke oversaw the trump investigation when it opened in july of twenty six.

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