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NC state is one for the last 5 over Florida state, but it's been all 7 olds through one half of play in Raleigh, FSU in charge 17 to three over the wolfpack Al shastra with you back inside our network studios as we highlight some of the key numbers from the first 30 minutes of play, Florida state out gaining NC state two 94 to one 33 one 1775 through the air one 77 58 on the ground led by Jordan Travis, who had that big 71 yard run in the second quarter that set up FSU's first touchdown 5 carries 86 yards and average of 17.2, TRE Sean ward 5 carries 51 yards four for 22 for TRE Benson and then Lawrence to affiliate who had the touchdown on the ground for the seminoles four carries for 18 yards, Travis through the air ten of 1717 yards and a touchdown completing 59% of his passes Devin Larry meanwhile on the other side for the home standing wolfpack 5 of 1475 yards and an interception completing 36% of his passes leading rusher, Jordan Houston, 8 carries 40 yards, 6 carries, 19 yards for a sumo a cargo bay, and four FSU, their averaging nearly doubles many yards per play as NC state is at 8.4 relatively clean game just 7 combined penalties time of possession favoring FSU 17 minutes and 30 seconds one turnover for either side that belongs to NC state. FSU had 17 to three at the break coming up next, we'll get it back out to Sloan and gojo for the start of the second half from Conor Finley's stadium since college football and Saturday night from learfield. The year was 1919 barbasol shaving cream was invented by a dreamer named Frank shields. The world's first modern shave cream barbasol

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