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Vaccine that we're talking about and back seemed to come really. The light at the end of the tunnel now is carrying weintraub health reporter at usa today. Thanks for joining us. Karen thanks so much for having me some more really good news on the vaccine front last week. We heard from pfizer. This week we're hearing from madonna. They're out of cambridge massachusetts and their vaccine candidate. They're saying is ninety. Four point five percent effective against covid nineteen really great news so karen help us run down what we're learning about the moderna vaccine now right. So they're both based on the same technology. Actually so they're they're very similar. Vaccines madonna can be given at a doesn't have to be kept quite as frozen so it may be a little more practical to give especially in rural places but essentially they're they're very similar vaccines and they're showing incredible effectiveness. Now these two vaccines you mentioned. They're both using m. r. Na which is something that we've never approved before in vaccine. This is pretty new technology and this would be the first thing if approved first pair of vaccines that are using this type of technology. How does that work exactly. So it basically uses the body's own system we make 'em arnaiz all the time. This trains our body to make a protein that is found on the surface of the virus that causes covid and once our body is used to seize this virus. It's trained to see this protein. It attacks it and we mountain response. Let's a little bit more about the effectiveness so pfizer had about forty. Four thousand people enrolled in their clinical trial madonna. They had about thirty thousand people and this is also a two shot protocol. What are we learning about. How many people came down with the virus after the shots right so the way they set these trials up is they evacuated a bunch of people and then wait until they get sick unfortunately because we have so much virus circulating in the us right now. It hasn't taken that long to get a lot of people sick. In both cases in five hundred ninety four people who fell ill and my head ninety five out of dern ninety five five of them had been in a vaccine arguably trial while the rest had gotten a placebo so ninety out of ninety five. Get a placebo. Get it and then got the placebo. It only five in the vaccine arm get it. You can statistically conclude at least at this point that it's ninety almost ninety five percent effective this vaccine more so than pfizer was involved with operation warp speed. I mean this is being done in conjunction with the. Us government tells a little bit about that relationship. Right the government working for years with madonna to develop this mri rna platform this means of of making vaccines quickly for exactly this purpose. Because we don't know. God forbid what's coming next out of the woods somewhere you know we. We tend to be fire. Is's tend to come from animals and we can't predict what's coming next so the idea was to create a vaccine that could be deployed quickly in a circumstance like that and they still have a few more hoops to go through the are going to file for the emergency use authorization. Obviously but there's hurdles with regards to production and a couple of other things as well finds her in particular is likely to go through those very quickly. They have to pass manufacturing. They have to prove that they can manufacture this vaccine safely and it scale pfizer has said they will have that done by this week. They're also waiting for safety data which is not expected to be a problem but had to wait until two months until half the people in the trial at least had got had gone two months after their second infection. If you're gonna have a bad reaction to vaccine that's very likely to come within the first six weeks of getting the vaccine so the federal government asks him to wait eight weeks to make sure that there weren't problems mysterious problems cropping up at this point. They haven't seen anything but these vaccines do have some consequences. And you're gonna probably feel lousy for a day or two after getting them muscle pain. You know little fever tired like you have the flu for a day or two and finally tell us a little bit about the storage of this. Because you mentioned that you know we're talking about the pfizer. It has to be sold at a really really cold temperatures. This can be stored at more standard refrigerator. Temperatures for up to a month so it could last longer so shipping might be little easier with this and then how many doses are we looking yet to be available right away. Both of these that he said require to shop in my arm could be protected. The pfizer vaccine is given three weeks apart. The maderno vaccine is given four weeks apart and yes. The pfizer vaccine needs to be so cold. I think a discovered that rubber shatters at the temperature of dry ice. Which is the temperature of this has to be kept at in terms of distribution pfizer. Says that they can have fifty million doses by the end of this calendar year. Madeiran estimates about twenty million both expect hundreds of millions of doses available next year. We'll see what happens. Karen weintraub health reporter at usa today. Thank you very much for joining us was so welcome to the alert so appreciate it. So much at h yeah. I wanted to game the university. I got my degree from the university. In business management marketing. I was the first person in my family voted college and graduate so my parents for me. I was bored to you. I really didn't have a choice. So i went and visited all those campuses and then when i when when i went to hand him but there was nothing like him and campus. So i was like what would you say you learn the most dan at hsbc to broadmoor. So a new yorkers new york. When i went to hampton and i had a roommate from jersey that i had a roommate mississippi and then i had a roommate from philly equivalent to all that music but now and bringing it back. Home is the now not your. I could spend anything. That's what that's what. I think the biggest and we're hec was meeting. Everybody invaded those excellent. Mcdonald's is celebrating as well as we should for more information on. Mcdonald's black and positively to movie you can follow at golden instagram. Hey there it's mango host a part genius of mental floss. And like many of you. I'm one of the twenty one million people that have picked up gardening in the past six months. That's why i'm hosting the brand new podcast. Humans growing stuff brought to you by heart media and your friends at miracle. Gro it'll be the most human podcast about plants you'll ever listen to. I've actually been thinking about that a lot. How like this groundhog day. These plants are kind of this tangible measure of time. I love that you're thinking about that too. Their proof of life like we're all being held hostage in these plants are uh their the markings on the door frame. That show that time is passing their continuing to live. And probably somehow showing. That's how to as well if we would slow.

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