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I almost laugh out loud when he said that ludicrous and yet to of the other jurors I worked with wanted to let him off to emotional thinkers with axes to to grind one of whom when grilled why why can't you go along with the guilty verdict. He said because he thought cops Rasul's he's a local cops wrestles. He'd had some bad experiences being pulled over he essentially guilty verdict was letting the cops win. Not Kidding do got so mad when I pressed him on this he literally started shaking. It was a fucking basket case by the way he reminded me. You don't have to pass the psycho vowed to be jer. Don't have to pass an I._Q.. Tests either. It's fucking terrified even worse the other jurors. We're going to go along with captain crazy pants because too many people are just not confrontational. They just didn't want to confront an emotionally unstable nut shop so many meets acts are such terrible decision-makers in my opinion not only did O._J.. Do it but the prosecution proved he did it because we meet sacks or so often so scarred and flawed and have so many biases that that that proving that just wasn't enough. Sometimes we meet sex or just going to hear what we want to hear period end of story. We're just determined to get things wrong. Sometimes to me flawed human human nature is the only reason why O._T.. Is Out there Tweeden we gotTA wrong. We gotTA wrong with O._J.. In the juice is still on the loose time now for top-five Takeaways by away in the O._J.. Murder case ended up becoming something becoming about something should never been about race. Yes there was some racist. assholes involves see Mark Furman but the evidence of O._J.'s guilt was and is overwhelming firm and didn't plant years of domestic abuse allegations against with Nicole. He didn't plant motive an opportunity he didn't plant future legal analysts and acquaintances thinking that O._J.'s for sure guilty outside of O._J.'s legal team in a few conspiracy minded authors almost no one thinks he was actually innocent. Lot of people think guilty a number two O._J.. Should forever be remembered as a battery of women on his first wife. Marguerite insisted that he never harmed her Nicole reported abuse eight times dozens of other cases now reported even O._J.'s girlfriend post Nicole's murder Christie prouty lady who stood with them for almost fifteen years has come out saying that O._J...

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