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You're having in california right now is a direct result of 20 years of our government taking jobs away from people who were born and raised here and letting all these illegal people come into the country and given everything to them they used to laugh when you talk like that and now with all these people who are out of jobs that are working for minimum wage instead of you know a union uh wages now all of a sudden they realize that that is what happened but it's already happened and it's too late to stop was it has to do with posing the secession of the new california wow people like me who have no power laughter just sick in tired of people coming to california and tinkering with it and that's what's wrong with it now these are people who came to california i think there's a lot of people who probably have lived for a long time there in california in these other counties raised here and their children born i mean we don't know them all we only had one guy called the show earlier tonight so i mean i can't i don't speak for them i don't you know not part of their movement or anything like that but we had that guy in the year before and he sounded like somebody whose roots go build back i mean he's he's kind of person who was born and raised in california you don't want to leave because we've asked him hey will don't you just move to new hampshire how do you leave when for generations you and your relatives have all been born they died here leeds yeah really i did my my my family has been in eastern tennessee since about 1810 we started out and cades cove which is now a which is now a national park we were kicked out of the national park by the first roosevelt he came in their in stole our land we moved down into the valley and then we were kicked out of our land again by the second roosevelt who stole our farm and flooded it for the tv a land and then we all moved into town and we've all lived in an evolved in eastern tennessee for generations and generations and.

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