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Balloons did you get us. Blues got us balloons last week to mike. I know we're gonna make sure that your kids find a way to play this back in ten years. Well know what if i published a poem about it. They're going to go wait. A minute is that we had so many balloons back in the early twenty twenty s so again it was a pandemic. That's amazing okay. Here's a here's a poem. I finished this draft yesterday. I think it's going to be called breathless in the chase and it's about my ex wife and the first line came to me and there are a whole lot of ws in the first line and i love the sound of the music of it and then i quickly realized you gotta stop that he got. That's that's enough. That's enough to play with and now and do something else. So this is the first time i've ever read this out loud for for anybody live and this is called breathless in the chase. Once i watched wales with a wife and wondered whether she would leave not because we never made love when the dives were done after all the sun was hot and the days were long and the waves like the song of the whales rocked us to sleep each night in the bed on board the boat we shared which was barely big enough for one. Can you hear me doing at the end of that. Stands with bees. What i started out doing with ws once. I watched sales with wife and wondered whether she would leave. Not because we never made love when the dives were done after all the sun was hot and the days were long and the waves like the song of the whales rocked us to sleep each night in the bed on board the boat we shared which was barely big enough for one. No i wondered at her leaving in the movement of the whales the bull the calf and the cow and how at first they'd let themselves be seen but then with hardly any movement from flipper fluke or finn. They would begin to dive or swim or disappear in any case and leave us breathless in the chase. I was the one who wind and wailed about how they always got away while she my wife would only smile and close her eyes as if to say. There's nothing that i would not give to live that life to move that way so in that poem you can see. I'm revealing the whale-watching trip. I could see in the whale watching trip that this was not gonna last. She was going to know she was going to go. And but i i you know i. I'm the one at the end of the palm. I'm the one that's whining. I'm giving her this. I read this to my current wife. She's like wow you really let her off easy. Didn't you was like. Yeah but you know what nobody wins. When you write a poem attacking your ex-wife anyway. Those are two to one last year and one just this week. That's awesome so-called taylor so much thank you. It's so awesome you and just get to talk to you. And i'm so excited for people to hear this and just like be in the i find myself in at the moment so you're going to run this. You're going to run this likely before august. Fifth yeah i think we're gonna. Let's see what's today the second hopefully let me let me let me put in one one pitch for for metaphor die which is to say which is an online event that i'm hosting at eight. Thirty eastern metaphor died which is to say has to poets to rappers and to stand up comedians all responding to the dice and we'll roll the dice. They choose a metaphor and then before they come back and offer what they've been writing. We're going to go all gonna turn to the chat screen and say all right. If you've got a line that you that you wrote drop it now and we all we're going to spend thirty seconds like reading what people put in the chat. And i'm hoping that the you know that the the the invited artists whoever competing round gonna go. Oh shit who wrote that line. And then we're gonna go and here's something you can do. I hinted at this earlier. Here's something that's zoom offers to to online reading that you can't do live and that is we can say at the top of the show. If you're the type of person who likes to participate figure out how to raise your hand digitally and put it in the upper corner and you can leave. Your hand raised for the entire ninety minutes. And if you come up with a line that the artists love and they wanna meet you. We're going to go and check to make sure that your camera is on and if your hands race we're going to invite you on screen and you will compete against them and you will be the chosen one so anybody who's interested in going. That can can register quickly for as little as a dollar just goes go can. Can i give you a link that you can here. Then the ticket the event ticket bright link will will be there and come drop a couple of lines in the chat and blow us away a lot. I love it. Well taylor i again. Thank you before i appreciate that. I hope people go check that out but also how can they get a hold of you if they want to. See more of your work and check out your stuff. There's more than you could ever possibly want on on youtube One of my favorite compliments ever to get is from parents of teenagers. Who say i have not spoken a full set. My my daughter has not spoken full sentence to me in eighteen months but she just came to me and said you've got to see this poem and we watched your video and we spent night. You know two hours watching your videos on youtube so thank you for that. So search taylor molly. Molly spelled like the african country. And they're gonna people are going to see that printed and taylor. Mali dot com my website. And you can follow me on twitter things like that. It's all the usual ways. Tanner molly thanks so much for.

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