Waukesha, Milwaukee, Jim Ryan discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


The wtmj five day forecast tonight mainly clear skies a low of twenty five tomorrow mostly sunny a high of forty three friday partly cloudy a high of forty eight saturday a slight chance for rain or snow a high of forty sunday mostly sunny skies high of forty five degrees in waukesha it's thirty eight in milwaukee it's thirty three degrees the austin var bomber blew himself up early today they're still investigating still looking for clues still searching for answers abc's jim ryan is there in austin jim what do we know about the guy who was the bomber was twenty three years old and his name was mark conduct he did not have the military background that some people thought that he might have lived here in the community of pflueger ville it's parents say they had no idea that any of this was going on they made a public statement now issued a public statement a written statement and the cockpit live a few blocks away from his parents at home with a couple of rooming the that whole area has been back you waited and field off now while investigators going and take a look for anything they might finding their abc news has learned that they did find some explicit material inside that house and so that's what accounts for this evacuate cordoning off of several blocks of downtown pflueger ville texas the roommates have been questioned one of them was questioned and then turn loose the other ones hill is being questioned that the police want to know whether they had any connection to that stuff jim i know we're still learning a lot about mark by do we have any idea any closer to the idea of the motive of why he was doing this.

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