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Mrs in the desert of southern israel that are y'all been stable for about two million years and i'm thinking meal over two million years you can accumulate a lot of meteorite so i actually went there of the fao later that year uh in mid up with them again and we research some of these areas that are uh have very ancient uh uh uh pavement on the desert and hunting for meteorites we didn't find any um unfortunately and uh um you know i'm not quite sure why there should there should have been some there but uh it was a small team searching large area over short time so it may well be that there there but we just didn't find any 'cause the ones it you know are there were small uh the other is uh there were a number of uh uh issues with that particular location meteorites in your womb we find meteors are typically of black on the outside because they've gone through the app his fear new covered with his glassy fusion crust which is almost always black um the area we had searched in a southern israel actually had a number of dark rocks in it as well so in a yellow the meteorites if they were there would not have stood out is like like you know the beacons at you see when you're in an article smoothing across the bear ice hill i guess that is that the main reason why an arctic as such a great place to find meteorites is because it's these black rocks against whites now well that's certainly makes it easy you can see your rock i'm going to use metric units of because that's what i'm used to i'll try and remember to throw in inches and feet uh as i can there um so young we can find a black rock a couple centimeters across r about an inch across your from a great distance in and arctic on the ice um.

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