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Hi My friends I'm Deepak Chopra. . This is daily breath. . Today I want to answer the question that delays everything. . Can existence take care of itself. . And my answer is, , yes. . Let's talk about how consciousness. . Polls creation. . At this moment, , we're surrounded by the infinite intelligence and creative bar of consciousness. . This is nature's secret life his consciousness. . The principles that consciousness follows but. . Everything. . The most basic light poems follow the principles of consciousness which are self organization. . Even, , the most basic lifeforms know exactly how to stay alive. . Have you ever heard of an organism called the Yellow Blob. . Known as Feis Abram. . Policy. . This organism exhibits qualities of consciousness. . It is an example of our existence can take care of itself. . If you want to know more about this organism. . Beulah read my book but it's a simple fungus like organism that shows all the properties of snus that you and I have as human beings. . So consciousness and existence must go together. . There's no such thing as blackness consciousness is always a life life was generated in the field of consciousness it is already alive. . Life is invisible until consciousness takes physical. .

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