Paris, Sacramento Valley, French President discussed on Morning Edition


More than eight hundred miles off the southern tip of baja california and moving west top sustained windsor fifty miles per hour the center says it could turn into a major hurricane but fernanda is not currently predicted to threaten land on korver coleman npr news in washington him support for npr comes from sony pictures classics presenting mahdi a new film based on the true story of folk artists mauled lewis played by sally hawkins and her unlikely romance with the reclusive played by even hawk now playing and the listeners who support this npr station the summer of lulled in san francisco wasn't just about peace and love young people and nineteen 67 seven wanted to change the political conversation that part of what youth the files to be idealistic the visionary and we envisioned a better world on ryan why what did the hippie succeed or fail coming up on kqed's one rubin reporter through six twenty three and again at 8 23 on kqed forward michael krasny begins at nine now mike we'll have a preview of president trump's press conference from paris reason meeting with the newly elected french president emmanuel macron by the way there's going to be npr carver urge of the press conference beginning at about nine fifteen this morning so here microcredits knees preview of the press conference in the event and then following the press conference analysis all that coming up on forum beginning at nine this morning here on kqed public radio today patchy fog in the morning the partly cloudy through the day area highs the '60s co side up to the mid '80s emblad mostly sunny across the southern sacramento valley today highs between ninety one and ninety nine of you have and good morning we thank you very much for.

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