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Your to side jobs he was listen to this tom hopkins tape and tom hopkins was like a real estate sales got yeah is that right yes so tom hopkins leads to michael k jim like i'll do anything you say i just don't want to have these side jobs i want to be a personal trainer so tom happens easter brian tracy brian tracy does exist clear that too like dan kennedy and jaber hammond now tony robbins better lear and a whole world persuasion influence marketing sales opened up to me right and before long i'm quitting my side jobs i'm a fulltime personal trainer now trend open up my own gem right but if if that one mentor so go back to coaching and i realize that my three personal training clients they're all mentors because you have to be pretty wealthy to afford a train around one i just never ask asking for help he took mercy in me and as a mentor kind of guided me and tommy a skill set and so when i built built my five personal training james in san diego and then ultimately sold them i started coaching and consulting personal trainers in two thousand and two three four or five six seven so the reason there is as fast growth of my buddy we can't franchise i'm not gonna call it a unfair advantage that i had but i had built a 43000 customer list of personal trainers worldwide who have bought my courses come to my seminars workshops events mastermind here and so in two thousand eleven when it created the fit by the boot camp brand i said hey how many of you would want to just get on my my own brand use my systems and i'm gonna make it a franchise and about one hundred eighty of them jumped on board right away day one day one it's awesome gaba bahattin because we're that report trust and i live in the results in advance with their own local blesses and so i i was really and you see this i was really lucky where the franchise was concerned but i fucking bled to develop a coaching consulting business in the.

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