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In wake forest history were the demon deacons because valve account remains even attuned to to to haze use it against marshall the 13th round pick of the astros in twenty twelve at a wake forest left hander kicks in deals just inside on a checked swing appeal denied by first base empire lake felix in three into to to his holmes brings it to the plate instead time called is a he's uses granted time of the plate umpire mr say hi three to pitch house right into the shift to the second baseman camp on the shortstop side of the bag i mean he couldn't have played and a better spot he's is it a right to him and that's why they sell these guys of they find out where they hit the ball consistently camp was playing exactly were the he's use hit that ball right of the middle on the shortstop side of second and right to the second baseman so the goes four to three on the shift and that will bring yati l rivera tutti plate rivera is over one a walk any takes low on a check swing a gin they appeal again it's denied all right back working quickly and that's a strike with the back door breaking ball wanted one homes last year started one gave her fresno wasn't anything to write home about here's a line drive just foul outside the left field line a broken bet foul ball for rivera he's returning to the first phase dugout for a new stick and account as wanted to brian hunker homes last year one inning in a start for fresno gave up three runs on four hits.

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